Social Recruiting is a trendy phrase in the world of talent acquisition. Top recruiters across the industry are hard at work trying to define Social Recruiting.

Is it social because of networking? Is it social because of technology? Is it something different altogether?

Attendees at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in San Francisco will be discussing some of these very topics this week.

Ongig will be there to participate in the conversation, as well as learn more about current and future trends in talent acquisition.

Sessions We’re Really Interested In

While there are certainly things to learn from each and every session, there are a few specific sessions that catch our interest:

1. Measurement And Metrics For Recruiting: Optimizing SEO For Recruiters

This is a workshop that will be led by Tom Steele from Jobs2Web. While the title of the workshop may be self explanatory, there are some specifics we’ll be looking to learn.

Specifically, what metrics and tools are being used today to measure social recruiting effectiveness will be something to look at.

As we have said previously, recruiting needs to take a page out of marketing’s book and this is session should speak directly to that idea.

2. Gamification And Recruiting: Case Study Of “My Marriott Hotel”

Anyone who is close to the technology knows that social gaming is one of the hottest markets existing today.

We’re super interested to see how Stephen Stewart of Evviva Brands describes his success in this space.

Employing gamification to recruiting is an interesting concept as it is all about engaging candidates. It will be very interesting to see how it was a success for a large organization such as Marriott.

3. Recruiting 3.0: The Next Generation Of Online Talent Acquisition

Branchout’s Rebecca Meissner will be leading this session which is specific to the social web.

Her conversation will detail how cloud computing, mobile devices, and social networking are changing the recruiting field.

We are very interested in hearing more about existing and upcoming technologies and how they will change the game for talent acquisition.

…And Now A Word From The Sponsors

In addition to the cool sessions we want to check out, we’ll also get the opportunity to visit with the title sponsors of the event.

It will be great to get to know them, and how their technologies will influence recruiting in the years to come.

The title sponsors of the event include:


iCims is a purveyor of talent management software based out of Hazlet, New Jersey. The company claims that customer service is the difference maker for their on-demand talent platform.


Jobvite is a Burlingame, California based company specializing in social sourcing and applicant tracking. The difference maker for Jobvite is their social sourcing application that helps companies find relevant talent through employee referrals, social networks and the Web.


TalentBin makes claim to be social recruiting, evolved. Their tools help users source the entire web for professional talent, and show the best referral path to a company for top candidates.

Work4 Labs

This San Francisco based company has a laser focus on Facebook as a recruiting tool. Work4 Labs specializes in helping companies target ads on Facebook toward the most relevant candidates.

We’ll Be There Too

Ongig is excited to be in attendance at the event this week as well. We’ll be there to talk about creating awesome content to engage candidates.

Recruiting departments need to take note of how Marketing departments operate in 2012. Content is a big part of that equation to be relevant and interesting in the eyes of top candidates.

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