Use A.I.-based “Recommended Jobs” to Capture the 80% of Candidates that Get Away

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Only 20% of candidates click apply on your job postings (see the “Hiring Funnel” section of this ERE article. for the full funnel). So what about the other 80% who did not apply? How many great candidates simply “got away”? One reason the 80% don’t apply is that you didn’t show the right job to them…. Read more »

10 Awesome “Careers Page” Ideas You Might Have Missed

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Most Careers pages are boring. As we pointed out last month, some remind you of a visit to the DMV. On the flip side, some employers do an outstanding job of making their Jobs section stand out. Here are 10 solid ideas worth considering. 1) Show Your Hiring Manager Once a candidate knows the industry, role… Read more »