The best job postings are structured, informative and content-rich.

Here’s a job posting template/checklist to best attract, engage and convert candidates:

Checklist for Creating the Best Job Postings

  1. Feature Video or Image

    • Your hero media (video/image) should be “above the fold” (like in a magazine or newspaper article). This helps your job posting to get the attention of the candidate and make an optimal first impression.
    • If using a video you have plenty of themes to choose from:
      • Employer branding
      • Company culture
      • Employee Testimonials
      • Workplace
  2. Job Title

  3. Calls-to-Action

    • Your primary call-to-action should be “apply”. You want your apply button to standout. Make the button color and font color impossible to miss.
    • Secondary calls-to-action include “join talent community” or another opt-in to try and capture the candidate’s email address so you can send them job alerts.
    • Resources:
  4. Job Description

  5. Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    • Should be an authentic statement from the heart of the company.
    • The main questions you want to answer: Why should candidates want to work for your company? What makes you different from other companies?
  6. Recruiting Widgets & Other Content

    • You want content and widgets to provide extra information to candidates. This does 2 things:
      • Keeps them on your job page and not wandering off to other websites.
      • Gives you extra opportunities for employer branding on your job postings.
    • Consider a 2-column format (like the template pictured below) for the best readability (that’s why newspaper and magazine articles are in columned format).
    •  Resources:



Here’s the best job posting template we’ve found for grabbing attention and optimizing apply clicks:

Job Posting Template/Example

Job posting example


Why I wrote this?

Ongig’s mission is to give you the best job postings in the world. To do so means you need to use the best job posting template ( like above). Ongig’s job description software lays this template out for you. Please ping us if you’d like to learn more. Or, if you’re doing it yourself, we hope this helped!

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