If you’re a SuccessFactors ATS customer you may be looking for ways to customize your SuccessFactors pages. As one TA leader told me:

“I want to complete control of the UI of the job!”

The SuccessFactors ATS, like other ATS’s, is mostly focused on “tracking” (not “attracting”) candidates. As they should be.

Here’s an example of an out-of-the-box SuccessFactors job page:

SuccessFactors ATS job page

The SuccessFactors job description above might struggle to attract some candidates because it:

  • Is text-only
  • Has no branding (logos, company colors, font styling)
  • Has no recruitment videos/images
  • Has no extra job content such as:
    • Location (Map, Walkscore)
    • Recommended/other relevant job openings
    • Employer of choice awards (or Glassdoor Rating)
    • LinkedIn connectability widget
  • Has no Talent Community opt-in

What Is a SuccessFactors ATS Job Page Overlay?

A SuccessFactors job page overlay lets you customize your SuccessFactors job pages.

These overlays (also called “skins” or “templates”) turn your text-only job pages into content-rich marketing pages. And that attracts and convert candidates better.

Here’s a visual on how a job page overlay works:

SuccessFactors ATS Job Page Overlay Process

Here are some examples of skins/templates/overlays for SuccessFactors job descriptions:

3 Examples of SuccessFactors ATS Job Page Overlays

Under Armour

Under Armour Job Page Overlay



Sheetz Job Page Overlay



CenturyLink Job Page Overlay



How To Add Job Page Overlays on Your SuccessFactors Job Pages:

  1. In-house engineers and developers — This takes a ton of planning and coordination but we’ve seen it done before.
  2. Hire a web design agency — The most expensive option but would allow you to fully customize your digital candidate experience.
  3. Integrate your ATS with a job content marketing platform like Ongig or Talent Brew.


Job Page Overlays for Other Applicant Tracking Systems


Why I Wrote This

ATS overlays plays right into our mission here at Ongig: to create the best job ads in the world. Ongig integrates with applicant tracking systems. Ongig has been used to customize pages for Taleo, SuccessFactors, Kenexa-Brassring, Greenhouse, Cornerstone OnDemand, MyStaffingPro and many other ATS’s.

Please request a demo HERE or click the “request demo” button in the upper right-hand corner to explore an overlay for YOUR ATS.

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