If you’re searching for an influencer marketing job description or (top influencer titles), I can help. In this post, you’ll find:

  • 1 FREE social media influencer job description template (just copy & paste!)
  • 4 examples of other influencer-related job descriptions (managers, VPs, & more)
  • 30 of the most-searched influencer job titles (by candidates & employers)

5 Examples of a Social Media Influencer Job Description

These examples of a social media influencer job description might help you write one of your own. And a heads up…I wrote the first one in Ongig’s Text Analyzer software.

Note: All of these examples score 80% (or higher) in Text Analyzer, are gender-neutral, and have no other biased language (race, age, disability, sexual orientation & more).

Let’s dive in.

Social Media Influencer Job Description — Free Template

Try using this influencer marketing job description template as your guide. I’ve listed ideas so you can easily copy and paste them.

Job Title

[Here, you can use” Social Media Influencer” or any other influencer titles that fit the role you are hiring.]

There’s a great table of the most-searched influencer titles at the end of this post that might help guide you too!

Tip: Try to keep your job titles between 1-3 words and 20 syllables or less. This makes them easier to read and helps with SEO. For example, “Influencer” is a better title than “Social Media Marketing Influencer – Global Products Department.”

About You

[This is where you talk about your social media influencer role.]

Include a sentence on:

  • what the influencer does
  • some goals to reach for
  • how they work with their team (or across teams)

Tip: Look at other companies for inspiration and give it your own spin (be unique!).

What You’ll Do

[Here is where you can list more detail about the day-to-day of the role.]

Some examples:

  • partner with the marketing team to develop a social strategy
  • create social content to share on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter
  • build and schedule a monthly content calendar
  • gather audience feedback on social media posts

Tip: Keep your “responsibilities” lists short. Using more than 7 bullets might overwhelm candidates or make them feel underqualified.

What We’re Looking For

[This section is where you list basic influencer responsibilities, qualifications, and experience.]

For example:

  • High school diploma
  • Ability to build relationships through social media channels
  • Experience posting on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms
  • Experience with social media management tools (Zoho, Buffer, Hootsuite, or others).

Tip: Leave out “years of experience” if you can, you might exclude candidates based on age. An Influencers or an Influencer Manager can be any age!

Salary & Benefits

[List any perks your social media influencer will get if they join the team. And include salary information if you can.]

Here are a few examples:

  • salary range of $45,000-75,000 per year
  • fully remote role
  • flexible working hours
  • free product samples
  • family health insurance

Tip: Even if it’s a range, list salary details. Candidates spend more time looking at it than anything else. This heatmap of what candidates look at on a job description (by Content Marketer Greg Lewis of LinkedIn) show’s how important it is.

About Us

[Here, you talk about you!]

Some ideas to include:

  • what business you are in
  • how great the company is
  • your core values

Tip: Save the “About Us” section for the end (even though about 50% of JDs start with About Us). Instead, end your JD with the About Us. That way, you can START your JD about the candidate/role, making them feel valued.

Diversity Statement

[Most companies have an EEO or diversity statement. You can put yours here.]

Here’s a sample:

We embrace diversity and equality in a serious way. We are committed to building a team with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and views. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. Creating a culture of Equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing.

Tip: You can find more examples in our blog 25 Examples of Awesome Diversity Statements.

Optional Sections

[These are some optional sections you might use in your social media influencer job description template.]

  • travel requirements
  • remote work policies
  • disability accomodations
  • how to apply

Tip: Most job boards you post on will have a built-in “apply” process, but in case they don’t, you should be clear about how to apply.

Here are 4 other types of an influencer marketing job description I found on Indeed and LinkedIn:

Influencer Strategist Job Description Example — Ogilvy

influencer strategist job description

Social Media Influencer Manager Job Description Sample — Creative Circle

influencer manager job description

VP Influencer Marketing Job Description Example — ZENO

vp of influencer job description

Influencer Marketing Manager Job Description Sample — Activision

influencer marketing manager job description

30 Influencer Job Titles that Candidates [& Employers] Search for the Most 

I found some top influencer titles worth sharing during my search for the best sample of an influencer job description. Here’s a list of the most-searched influencer job titles (by candidates & employers on Google) with brands that use them. I list them starting with entry-level to most experienced, with the general influencer titles at the end:

Job TitleBrands using this title
Influencer InternAmika
Influencer AssistantLouis Vitton
Junior Influencer ManagerRevlon
Junior Influencer StrategistPraytell
Influencer CoordinatorLogitech
Influencer ManagerRoblox
Influencer Marketing ManagerSEPHORA
Influencer Relations ManagerBenefit Cosmetics
Influencer Relationship ManagerSally Beauty
Manager, Influencer Special ProjectsStitch Fix
Social Media & Influencer ManagerMarc Jacobs
Influencer & Brand Partnerships ManagerDropbox
Senior Associate Influencer MarketingHelloFresh
Director of Influencer MarketingLive Nation
Director Influencer MarketingBEN
Director of Influencer Partnerships & MarketingTULA Skincare
Head of Influencer & Creator PartnershipsYouTube
Head of Social Media & Influencer MarketingRingCentral
VP Influencer MarketingNFL
Instagram InfluencerInstagram
Social Media InfluencerNike
Online InfluencerTikTok
Beauty InfluencerFabFitFun
Fashion InfluencerYouTube
Travel InfluencerFacebook
Social InfluencerTikTok
Digital InfluencerInstagram
Remote InfluencerTikTok
Brand Influencer Instagram
source: ahrefs.com

Why I wrote this?

Ongig is on a mission to transform job descriptions. If you’d like to see how Ongig can help you optimize your job titles and the rest of your JD, please request a demo of Ongig’s Text Analyzer.


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