Job descriptions are like the welcome mats to your company. If you want to keep them consistent (and make candidates feel right at home before going through the front door) templates are a great tool.

Here are 5 sample job description templates to help you get started:

Sample Job Description Template — Ongig (just copy, paste, and edit!)

Here is a free sample job description template you can easily copy/paste and use in Word, Google Docs, Excel, your ATS, or job description software.

Ongig recommends it to customers who need more consistency in their JDs. Each section has some notes on what to include to help boost your chances of attracting top talent.


[Include a clear and concise title of your posted job.]

Tip: Keep your job titles between 1-3 words and 20 syllables or less. This helps with SEO and makes them easier to read. Check out out Job Title Guide for the most searched job titles.


[Provide an engaging paragraph about the role.]

Tip: A job summary should concisely explain the role. Remember to include who they’ll supervise and any other responsibilities.


[Share more about the desired skills, roles, and responsibilities of the ideal candidate.]

Consider adding sentences on:

  • Skills required for specific tasks. 
  • Goals and targets.
  • Workplace collaborations.

Tip: Look at other companies or templates for inspiration.


[Here is where you list the day-to-day job duties.]

Job duties may include:

  • Manage day-to-day client support
  • Facilitate a collaborative team environment 
  • Provide ongoing support for new projects
  • Coach direct reports
  • Work with C-suite for strategy planning

Tip: Keep your “responsibilities” lists short. Using more than 7 bullets might make candidates feel underqualified or overwhelmed.


[Here is where you list the basic qualifications and experience.]

Tip: Include your preferred requirements here or create a “Preferred Requirements” section if there are more than two. 


[List the salary or hourly rate for the role here. It is important to keep things transparent as candidates spend a significant amount of time on this section.]

Tip: Even if it’s a range, list salary details. Salary is the #1 part of a job ad that is “helpful”, “appealing”, and makes candidates “more likely to apply”.


[List the perks of joining your company.]

Tip: Each benefit you include in a job ad increases the apply rate by 1% to 5%. The benefits with the most positive impact on apply rate are: Regular Incremental Bonus (+155.1%); Pet Insurance (+37%); Health Insurance (+29.8%); Stock Options/Employee Stock Purchase Plan (+27.5%); and 401(k) (+20.5%).


[your JDs may include optional sections that facilitate a job search and application]

  • Travel requirements
  • Remote and on-site work requirements
  • Commission details
  • Application steps


[Here, you share more about your company]

Some ideas to include:

  • Stating the healthcare perks of joining the company
  • Describing your company culture
  • Specifying your vision ad mission
  • Sharing your ongoing corporate responsibility 

Tip: I like to save the “About Us” section for the end (even though about 50% of JDs start with About Us). Instead, end your JD with the About Us. That way, you can START your JD about the candidate/role, making them feel valued.


[Include an EEO or diversity statement that makes your company accessible and attractive to candidates from diverse backgrounds.]

Tip: Most candidates value seeing a D&I commitment. A diverse population of 764 LinkedIn members in the U.S. said “even a generic statement is still better than no statement.” You’ll find examples in our blog 25 Examples of Awesome Diversity Statements.


Sample of a Job Description Template — Monster

Monster has 500+ ready-to-use templates you can copy and paste. They’re categorized by industry (e.g., healthcare support, transportation, production, etc.) so you can filter through for quick access.

Each job description sample template gives guidance on key sections to include, tips for selling your open role, how to be clear and concise. Here’s an example template from Monster for a Data Scientist:

monster sample job description template data scientist

Note: Monster’s templates are free, with the option of posting your JD directly on the site with a free trial for first-time users. 


Job Description Sample Template — LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a wide range of ready-to-use JD templates, categorized by industry. Each job description sample template includes a:

  • summary
  • role objectives
  • daily and monthly responsibilities
  • skills and qualifications
  • preferred qualifications

Here’s an example JD template for an Account Executive:

linkedin sample job description template account executive

You may post the JDs created with the user-friendly templates directly onto the LinkedIn platform, which has connected many global companies with top hires. 


Sample of a Job Description Template — Morgan McKinley 

Morgan McKinley offers free customizable job description sample templates for several industries (e.g., legal, digital, accounting, finance, and technology). 

The company has conducted extensive research on each position in its library ofJD templates, and gives a list of the trending responsibilities and duties based on the latest market practices.  

The firm’s job templates do an excellent job of acknowledging the candidate/applicant’s experience and POV. And, Morgan McKinley’s JD templates use second-person “you” language in their headings, making them more conversational.

Here’s a Finance Manager sample job description template:

morgan mckinley sample job description template finance manager

Note: You’ll need to give your name and email address to download the editable versions of the JD templates.


Job Description Sample Template — TalentLyft

TalentLyft offers 500+ copy/paste JD templates for roles across industries, like loan officers, general managers, chief operating officers (COO), and web designers. The templates are concise, so you might need to put in some extra work into sprucing them up.

Here’s a sample job description template from TalentLyft for a Cost Accountant:

talentlyft sample job description template cost accountant


Why I Wrote This?

Ongig is on a mission to help you attract top talent by crafting effective and inclusive job descriptions. Using the custom template builder feature, you can store your most-used JD templates so there’s no confusion when creating new roles.



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