Good job posting examples often feature two fundamental elements: inclusivity and creativity.  So, by focusing on these factors, hiring managers can create compelling postings that appeal to qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds. 

Essentially, optimizing your postings involves responding to various job-seeker needs and making ads accessible and inclusive. It is also critical to recognize the ever-shifting changes in hiring practices. 

What worked half a decade ago could fail to connect with today’s job seeker. Yet, despite the trends, there are always valuable lessons from past talent acquisition practices.  

Therefore, we have shortlisted 15 good job posting examples from 2017-2024, combining old and new ad strategies to guide recruitment teams through the trials of the future. We begin this job posting examples tour by visiting the fundamental and non-negotiable elements behind every successful job posting. 

The Key Elements of a Good Job Posting

While job posting standards may differ according to roles, employee trends, and industries, they usually include the following components:

Attention-Grabbing Content: An effective job posting should include an engaging title and summary that snags your candidate’s attention. So, your posting content should remain clear and effectively inform applicants about role expectations, requirements, and incentives. 

Cultural Information: Culture is a major draw when attracting top talent. Therefore, your posting should highlight the unique selling points of joining your company, which should go beyond monetary perks. 

For example, your company could promote a friendly growth-focused environment with employee testimonials and behind-the-scenes footage of daily collaborations.  

DEI Matters: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are no longer mere buzzwords in talent acquisition. Thus, an increasing number of job seekers prioritize an inclusive workplace where they have the psychological safety and freedom to express themselves and do their best work. 

You could also highlight DEI adherence by promoting mission statements, affiliations/partnerships with community groups, and proactive ERG support. Workforce research reveals that 76% of employees and job seekers prioritize diversity at work when deciding on a job. 

Clearly outlined roles and responsibilities: A quality job posting contains key information that prepares job seekers for a specific position. So, your ad should summarize career progression and scope of duties. Transparency in responsibilities also clarifies employee expectations, preventing miscommunications and conflicts.  

5 Good Job Posting Examples From 2017 — Focus: Brand Consistency and Purpose

2017 saw job ads that favored the unique brand and a purposeful employment experience. Purpose remains vital in successful talent acquisition and management. A McKinsey Report shared that 82% of employees prioritize their organization’s purpose. 

The following good job posting examples from 2017 showcase brand consistency and organizational values that enhanced candidate engagement. 


Macy's job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Listings present unique videos for need-to-fill ads leveraging written JD content. Dynamic videos offered a visual perspective for further engaging candidates.  
  • The ad’s call-to-action (CTA) buttons incorporated Macy’s red color scheme, providing a consistently appealing company profile.  
  • Concise details at the front and center of the ads clarify the location and categories of job openings.
  • The ad’s right-hand rail elements reinforce employee branding and shared values, which promote a collaborative work environment. 


Domino's job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Relevant job widgets positioned in the ad guided candidate interactions.
  • Two attention-grabbing “because” statements engage potential hires and encourage job application.
  • Consistent blue, red, and white color schemes produce a visually appealing organizational style.
  • Employee branding video embedded in each ad for added social proof to hiring campaigns. 


Continental job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Ads apply standard corporate color schemes that unify the brand image.
  • A concise mission statement that offers prospects a better understanding of their roles. 
  • Enhanced ad readability was achieved with organized sections and well-curated excerpts. 
  • A visible mission statement is positioned at the top right of the ad, thus, immediately catching job seekers’ attention. 


Paraxeljob posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Ad’s engaging hero media content presents an authentic employee experience that promotes trust and company loyalty. 
  • Ads include a Google-supported map that guides candidates to the workplace location.
  • Listings feature dynamic footers with accessible videos and also recruiting resources that offer a glimpse into workplace culture and practices. 
  • The ad featured links to additional employee-generated content including career pathways and voices, supporting the hero media content.  


T-Mobile job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Listings incorporate the company’s thematic pink, white, and black design scheme for consistent branding. 
  • Ads include an introductory video that visually outlines job applicant expectations from the get-go. 
  • The ad featured conversational section headers such as “Stuff You Tell People at Parties”, which promoted the brand’s friendly culture. 
  • A dynamic benefits section with quality logos and enticing workplace perks. 

5 Good Job Posting Examples From 2018 — Focus: Inclusive Hiring

Top job ads in 2018 saw a greater demand for inclusive hiring practices. So, these strategies include available career options for improving the success of a job match. 

We share five quality job posting examples from 2018 that featured an inclusive and also comprehensive approach to recruitment.


Hulu job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • The ad featured apply now and saved job (i.e., apply later) buttons that allow candidates to track specific jobs. 
  • Social media handles outlined with the brand’s color, to help candidates follow up with the latest job openings. 
  • The conversational sections “What to bring” and “What you’ll do” offer a more welcoming tone than “Requirements” and “Expectations.”
  • An inclusive hiring statement at the bottom of the ad presents a fair and equitable work environment, broadening the talent pool. 

Disney Careers

Disney job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Job ads feature language tabs at the top of each page to optimize a candidate’s browsing experiences. 
  • A prominent search bar makes it easy for candidates to narrow job searches based on location and keywords. 
  • Job seekers could readily connect with the hiring team via prominent social media handles. 
  • Similarly, job seekers can opt-in to Disney’s talent community program based on category and location. 

Under Armour

Under Armour job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • The diversity and inclusivity statement at the bottom of the ads invites applicants of all backgrounds. 
  • The “See What’s Here” section introduces potential hires to the amenities and benefits of each work location. 
  • Sections at the lower portion of the ad introduce prospects to ongoing company projects.  
  • A user-friendly talent community op-in form simplifies the process of staying updated with the latest career opportunities. 

Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Ad unconventionally lists college degree as a non-requirement for a senior role. So, this could potentially boost application rates from qualified hires without paper qualifications.
  • User-friendly search bar for navigating job opportunities based on division, keyword, or location. 
  • Prominent placement of top workplaces employer of the choice award. 
  • The “Email this job” widget simplifies the process of sharing a listing and referring a friend. 


Walmart job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Quality icons that complement a curated list of employment perks, which extend to employees’ family members.
  • The posting offers a holistic promotion of workplace location, referencing the local community, lifestyle attractions, and places of interest. 
  • FAQ section guides candidates through a seamless application process.
  • Ad clarifies employee requirements from the beginning, setting expectations.  

5 Good Job Posting Examples From 2019 — Focus: Accessible Formats and Talent Community Opt-ins

The top job listings from 2019 focused on optimized readability and accessible posting formats. So, these leading ads featured strategic recruitment content that kept prospective hires well-informed. 

Similarly, talent community opt-ins are highly effective recruitment content devices for converting potential hires. Also, interested parties can conveniently sign up for these initiatives to stay updated with relevant job opportunities. 

Staying informed enables candidates to immediately apply for suitable opportunities and boosts your hiring campaign’s job application rates. Therefore, the good job posting examples from 2019 engaged potential hires with informative recruitment content. So, these included employee testimonials that presented the real-world benefits and challenges associated with a role. 

Holbrook Life 

Holbrook job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • A 2-column format with a right rail containing useful information outlining the company’s philosophy and purpose. Also, the ad includes a link that further guides candidates through the application process. 
  • Ad’s detailed location content complements an immersive video walkthrough of its workplace. 
  • Strategically placed “apply now” buttons at the top and bottom of the JD to encourage the application process. job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • A hero image that features diverse employees, representing an inclusive work culture. 
  • The two-column job ad organized recruitment content and encouraged further reading. 
  • Strategically positioned social media and communication buttons for easy follow-up. 
  • A clear mission statement that highlights the possibilities of rich and diverse opportunities and experiences. 


Elastic job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • An engaging hero image of smiling and satisfied employees that presents a positive work environment. 
  • A 2-format structure that effectively displays information prioritized by job seekers. 
  • Strategically positioned Glassdoor reviews that shed genuine insights into organizational culture and employee expectations.  

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Thermo Fisher Scientific job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Consistent use of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s color scheme (i.e., blue and red).
  • Dynamic short videos on the landing page present employees’ authentic responses to job FAQs.
  • A visually engaging 2-column format, which includes a referral section that boosts application rates. 


Ecolab job posting example (Job Posting Examples blog)
  • Strategic use of spaces that avoid clutter and promote easier readability and candidate experience.  
  • A clear and prominent “apply button” is situated at the top of the ad for easy application. 

Recommended Job Posting Practices For 2024 and Beyond

Fast-forwarding into the modern workplace landscape, hiring and recruitment teams have seen the implementation of emerging technologies. Time-efficient tools like AI, machine learning, and innovative ATS integrations have also contributed to strategies for attracting the next top hire. 

Now, we summarize the core ideas that define good job posting examples in modern recruiting.

The Rise of Design — ATS Page Overlays

Rather than barebones Taleo, Brassring, or iCims job pages, a rising number of employers have implemented dynamic ATS job page overlays. Thus, these efforts enhance user interaction, customizing engagement for improved conversions. 

Employee-Generated Content (EGC)

EGC narratives can help bridge emotional connections with candidates, instilling a strong sense of company identity from the start of a hire’s career journey. These may also include written employee testimonials and short recorded video interviews. 

Workforce research shows that EGC can generate 10x more engagement than regular brand content. Therefore, complementing EGC with regular recruitment could improve campaign exposure and boost application rates.   

Job-Specific Content

Location and department-specific content make it convenient for interested hires to find the most suitable vacancies. So, you can streamline jobseeking efforts with dropdown menus where candidates can hone in on specific roles. 

Site visitors can also direct their search based on location or department-specific keywords. Thus, refining your landing pages according to these SEO practices also improves Google SERP rankings. 

Quality Images and Videos

Dynamic images and videos based on department or location could improve job ad engagement compared to a single shared static hero image. According to an industry survey,  80% of recruiters attribute video content to the increase in the volume of applicants. Your hiring team should also avoid pixelated or blurry visual content for an optimized browsing experience.  

Related/ Similar Jobs

Good job posting examples often include related job sections. So, these site add-ons make it easy for candidates to discover other similar work opportunities within your organization. In addition, related/similar job content that utilizes internal links and shared keywords can also result in a slight SEO boost. 

Strategic Widget Placements

Employee review widgets for Glassdoors and LinkedIn can minimize the clicks on your job site and boost SEO and conversions. 

Compensation/Salary Range

Transparency in wages is important in a job posting. Therefore, openly specifying the range can help secure the trust of top hires since competitors may withhold the information. 

Employer of Choice Awards

Displaying employer of choice awards on your job ads strengthens your organization’s professional reputation and secures candidate trust. So, these industry-recognized badges are effective in promoting an engaging, innovative, and inclusive work culture.  

Boosting Your Job Postings with a Career Site Builder

Keeping up with the rapid changes in job postings can prove a hassle for enterprises constantly handling large volumes of job vacancies. In such cases, hiring managers and recruitment teams could encounter issues retaining a consistent narrative while meeting the latest DEI compliances. 

So, Ongig solves candidate experience problems by optimizing your job postings and career site to meet today’s talent acquisition standards. 

Your hiring team can also conveniently integrate Ongig into existing ATS cost-effectively with minimal effort. Once deployed, the tool deploys postings at scale, targeting the most suitable prospects.

With Ongig in your recruitment toolkit, you can create a dynamic touchpoint for increased candidate engagement by:

  • Boosting job application success with AI-supported job searches.
  • Fine-tuning JDs for enhanced employee inclusivity and engagement.
  • Increasing time on page (a critical metric for successful page rankings and job application) with the strategic placements of interactive widgets. 
  • Winning the SEO game with specialized landing pages targeting job-specifics like location, categories, and departments.  

Request a demo today to elevate your candidate experience. 

Why I Wrote This?

Quality job postings attract the right talent, boosting your company’s productivity, reputation, and long-term success. So, leveraging Ongig’s Text Analyzer and Career Site Builder empowers hiring managers to create compelling ads that increase job application rates. Ongig’s data-driven solutions also diversify your talent pool with accurate algorithms that meet the latest hiring standards, future-proofing recruitment campaigns for every job position.


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