If you’re short on ideas for which type of recruitment videos to choose for your company career site and job descriptions, here are 10 examples we culled for you.


Aspirational Recruitment Video

This Walmart recruiting video aims at repositioning what Walmart is all about (i.e. not just a retail chain).


Team-Oriented Recruitment Video

This Snapchat recruiting video presents a diverse mix of people speaking about the qualities and why they love working at Snapchat.

This Blizzard Entertainment is a longer-form recruiting video (6:02 duration) showing multiple team members talking about what it’s like to work for this video game maker.

Employee Testimonial Recruitment Videos

Brookdale’s associates share stories about their residents and what it means to work for them. Candidates want to hear from employees. “The future of branding is marketing with people not at them.” – John Morgan, Brand Against The Machine


Fact-Oriented Corporate Recruitment Video

Here, the American Red Cross focuses on the “what” and “who” of the Red Cross with a bunch of facts/numbers such as the volume of employees, volunteers, units of blood it collects, etc.


The History of Your Company Recruitment Video

Every company that’s been around more than 10 years should have a company history video or at least some text on their company careers site.

In “Roche in 60 seconds”, which appears at the bottom of many of Roche’s job descriptions, the biotech leader walks through the history of the company beginning with old pictures of its founding and then a rundown of its main offerings today. It’s all music, video and text (no voice-over).

KPMG does a great History recruiting video too:

Mission/Mantra Recruitment Video

You can use these types recruiting videos on your Careers home page with the theme of reinforcing their mission. Utilize your employees and leadership.


Virtual Office Tour Recruitment Video

3Pillar has a fun walk around their office. This video includes an optional 360 degree-view, one of the most engaging videos we’ve seen. These types of innovative recruiting videos is the type content employees and candidates love to share on social media (FYI: Employees reach an audience 10x more than brand (when posting)” -Adriana Kevill).

Live Event Recruitment Video

If you are staffing for live events (sporting events, concerts, etc.), check out what Adecco did for Cirque du Soleil in Belgium to recruit 100+ candidates to work at a Cirque du Soleil show in Belgium they need to fill:


Job Specific Recruitment Video

BMC Software uses a job-specific recruiting video for this Digital Marketing Coordinator job opening. A 37 second video highlights both BMC the company while the voice-over and text overlay discuss the actual position. Shameless plug — BMC used Ongig for this!


Talent Community Recruitment Video

Help boost talent community member opt-ins.


Note: For more data and insight on video job descriptions and their impact on Recruiting and Talent Attraction visit Ongig’s Video Job Description Guide.

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