There wasn’t enough room in our previous Best Company Career Sites of 2017 (Vol. 1) piece, so we did a Volume 2!

Here are some of the best company career sites with an emphasis on the careers home page.

Banfield Pet Hospital

  • If you have anything that tugs at a candidate’s heart, show it. Banfield is masterful at showing pics and videos of cute puppies.
  • Easy to digest info, including visually showing that you could work just about anywhere in the U.S. (a map is most valuable to show when you have a nationwide presence (all chains should use a map).
Best Company Career Sites Banfield Pet Hospital 2 - Ongig Blog



  • If quality is a priority, check out Toggl’s approach in which they use their careers home page to list every department they have with a persona of who they’re looking for along with a 20 minute test for each job.
  • They include salary ranges for each department — “No salary info” was the top reason why candidates had a negative candidate experience.
Top Company Career Site - Toggl



  • Awesome visuals, branding, and career site homepage layout.
  • Great talent community opt-in — The image definitely accentuates the opt-in
  • Status update link for returning applicants link — An under-utilized feature that can increase candidate experience
Top Company Career Site 3- Brightview



  • Branded URL (
  • A quiz showing you your personality type and how that might be a good fit at Kimberly-Clark (see a sample of the quiz we took!)
  • Emphasis on job and/or location needs —  Make sure candidates know your needs. Kimberly-Clark does this by emphasizing Neenah Appleton, WI jobs with its own tab and enlarged link (middle of page).
Top Company Career Site Kimberly Clark - Ongig Blog



  • Clean, easy-to-navigate for such a big company
  • Unique employer branding video that tells you some things you probably don’t know about the retailing giant (diversity, military/veteran recruiting, etc.)
Best Company Career Sites Walmart - Ongig Blog



  • Killer sub-headline — Talking directly to the candidate.
  • Great Employer Branding and employer of choice award
  • Useful company stats with a cool looking counter.
Best Company Career Sites Roblox 2 - Ongig Blog



  • Killer hero video media
  • 3 easy call to actions
  • Employer of choice awards (6 of them!) above the fold
  • Enlarged talent community opt-in at the bottom of page
Best Company Career Sites Sofology


Procter & Gamble

It’s great to see an company who is as good at employer branding as they are at product branding. Check out:

  • The clear mention of their brands
  • The overall color scheme (I feel like they took the best colors from each brand to craft this company career page)
  • A dynamic headline — Strong and bold (literally and figuratively)
  • A mix of diverse people throughout the career homepage
Best Company Career Sites Procter & Gamble - Ongig Blog



A nice mix of:

  • Recruitment Videos — Multiple videos are showcased, KPMG history and Life at KPMG
  • Answers to “why” a candidate should work there
  • Employer of Choice Awards — Rotating carousel of awards, this can also be utilized for images and/or video
Best Company Career Site KPMG 2 - Ongig Blog

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