Have you ever spotted catchy job posting phrases that immediately caught your attention?

That’s effective language at work. Catchy job posting headlines hook candidates just as much as the images you have on your career site, or the perks you offer.

Here are 6 examples I found in job postings from Indeed and LinkedIn:

1. “We Want Changemakers!”

Some job seekers prioritize purpose at work over employee benefits or salary. A job posting seeking “changemakers” offers candidates the attractive opportunity to go beyond filling a vacancy. It’s about making an impact during their time in the role too. 

Along with catchy job ad phrases like “changemaker,” consider going deeper to describe your roles’ growth opportunities and achievements. How will the hire grow professionally and change the world?

Let people know you care about them and that you have a mission. In fact, rallying the modern workforce around a mission (and purpose) increases employee engagement.

“67% of millennials are engaged at work when they strongly agree that the mission or purpose of their company makes them feel their job is important.”

source: Gallup Poll, November 2016


2. “I Can Be Myself at Work.”

Capital Group focuses on the candidate’s perspective in their job postings. One posting features a set of self-affirming pledges, including, “I can be myself at work.”

Statements like this empower job seekers from the start and show them you support a culture of belonging. Here’s the full excerpt from their Client Relationship Specialist job posting:

“I can be myself at work.”

You define yourself by more than just a job title, and we want you to feel comfortable bringing your true self to work. We value your talents, your traditions and your take on the world everything that makes you unique. We’re working hard to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our organization and our communities because we know that what makes us different makes us better.

We want you to feel a strong sense of belonging. We value and welcome your experiences, ideas and identity. Over 40 employee resource groups unite our people and help to develop our collective empathy through unfiltered conversations about race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, disabilities, mental health and so much more.”


3. “Do you gain personal satisfaction from solving puzzles?”

Catchy job ad phrases with questions are a great way to hook candidates.

ChowNow asks their job seekers multiple questions in the opener of their job posting for a recruiter:

“Do you have a passion for building meaningful relationships? Do you gain personal satisfaction from solving puzzles, making others feel welcome, and operating from a continuous improvement lens? Are you a taskmaster who has a laser-focused eye for accuracy and attention to detail? If so, then this is a great role for you!”

One of the questions that caught my attention was, “Do you gain personal satisfaction from solving puzzles…”

People love puzzles. And if you’re looking for a puzzle-loving problem-solver, using this phrase will catch their attention.

The other questions are catchy too. As job seekers read this intro, they’ll probably find themselves saying “Yes!” after each one and ultimately hitting “Apply.”


4. “Students Wanted, No Experience Needed.”

A picture speaks a thousand words. McDonald’s proved this point in a visual job posting with the headline “Students Wanted, No Experience Needed.”

McDonald’s job postings used images of a burger mistakenly shoved into a fries pocket, fries tucked into a McFlurry cup, and ice cream in a burger box. The campaign seemed like a satirical take on employers who drown candidates with a laundry list of must-have skills and experiences. 

But, any version of “no experience needed” will catch a candidate’s attention, regardless of age. Many companies are moving away from “years of experience” and opting for more “skills-based” language in job descriptions.


5. “We Care, We’re Honest, and We Hustle.”

Honesty has always been one of the best policies. Clutch promotes its honesty policy in its job postings with this catchy phrase:

“We care, we’re honest, and we hustle—that’s what makes us Clutch.”

Catchy job posting headlines with 3 main points are easier to remember too. The combination of care, honesty and hustling creates a winning impression. It also shows they have a collaborative atmosphere many job seekers look for.


6. “Looking for a Funny, Witty, and Resourceful Social Media Manager.”

Many job postings are full of long lists of requirements, long sentences about the company, and a “what we want” approach. But using catchy job ad phrases that are more candidate-focused will get you more applies.

Malwarebytes‘ job posting for a Social Media Manager does use the phrase “Malwarebytes is looking for…” but what comes next is about the candidate. Specifically, the job posting says:

“Our Content & Communications team is looking for a funny, witty, and resourceful Social Media Manager who will be responsible for our global social media plan and execution, targeting both consumers and businesses.”

The content focuses on the personality traits of job seekers and gives a brief intro of what they’ll do if hired. This is much more catchy than long paragraphs with vague requirements (or responsibilities) that sound like they’re straight from a legal document.


Why I Wrote This?

Ongig’s mission is to help you create effective and inclusive job postings. This includes crafting catchy job ad phrases to get you more applicants.



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