When you win an employer of choice award, you should flaunt it wherever candidates hang out — and for most of you, the majority of candidates view your job descriptions (typically more candidates first see your JDs than see your career pages).

Check out S&P Global below as an example — they have 4 awards that they added to the left-hand rail of every job description.

Employer of choice awards give the candidate powerful social proof (as they say in psychology) that you are a terrific place to work (since others awarded you so). Social proof (as Robert Cialidni proved in his great book Influence) is a powerful way to influence anyone to your point of view.
S&P’s employer of choice awards include a bit of everything, making their job descriptions more appealing to:

  • General candidates (i.e. Best Places to Work award)
  • Mothers (Working Mother 100 Best)
  • Families who value adoption (this could be appealing to candidates that adopt children but is also attractive to candidates who themselves were adopted) (Dave Thomas 100 Best Adoption Friendly award)
  • Candidates who value diversity (Diversity Inc. award)

If you need ideas on employer of choice awards to win/qualify for, check out this comprehensive list of employer of choice awards my team put together. There’s an award for everyone!

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