JobElephant created an awesome Diversity Recruitment Buyer’s Guide with loads of data-driven analytics from 172,000+ diversity job postings.

I combed through the guide to summarize its value. There are helpful tips to:

  • find new D&I job boards you didn’t know about
  • choose which diversity recruitment websites and publications fit into your recruiting plan
  • organize your D&I ad strategy for underrepresented groups

Note: The results in this report are duration-based and are ranked by the average number of clicks in a “full period.”  The “full period” for most job boards is 30 days, but some are 60 or more. 

Diversity advertising sites for 21 industries

Job Elephant’s diversity recruitment buyer’s guide lists 100+ top diversity websites and publications that are industry-specific. This is valuable if you are trying to reach candidates in a certain industry.

There are 30+ diversity job boards and websites for STEM and science recruiting:

diversity recruitment advertising STEM

They’ve got 15+ nursing, medical, and healthcare diversity recruitment websites:

diversity recruitment advertising nursing

Here are 5 diversity recruitment websites for positions in athletics:

diversity recruitment advertising athletics

There are 5 journalism-related diversity advertising websites:

diversity recruitment advertising journalism

Here’s 1 diversity job board and website for hiring diversity in non-profits:

diversity recruitment advertising non -profit

They’ve got 3 diversity recruitment websites for legal roles:

diversity recruitment advertising legal

Here’s 6 diversity jobs boards/websites for recruiting law enforcement:

diversity recruitment advertising  law enforcement

JobElephant is a clear leader in this space (working with 30+ diversity job boards and websites to recruit for higher-ed roles):

diversity recruitment website higher education

The report also lists 2 diversity recruitment website for the niche industries shown below:

diversity recruitment websites

The report also lists 1 diversity recruitment website for the 9 niche industries shown below:

diversity recruitment websites niche industries | JobElephant and Ongig

Diversity web sites for 9 underrepresented groups

If you want to advertise to specific underrepresented groups (URGs), JobElephant recommends the 9 below.

diversity recruitment non industry specific

These 9 URGs might also come in handy if you are just starting out your diversity recruitment advertising plan.

Note: Job Elephant is located in the San Diego area, so they have extra connections there!

Advertising to a broad set of diverse candidates

If you are looking to advertise to broad diverse groups (not specific URGs) the report lists general diversity recruitment advertising sites to consider starting with (from a 30,000-foot level). These websites are a combination of job boards, resource sites, and diversity publications.

diversity recruitment any industry

Dig deeper into diversity recruitment

If you want to learn more about diversity recruitment advertising or read the full report, check out JobElephant’s website. Also, check out our blog on the 30 Top Diversity Job Boards for Employers [hiring POC, LGBTQ, Latinx & more] for even more diversity job boards.

Why I wrote this?

Ongig’s mission is to eliminate boring and biased JDs so you can reach top, diverse talent. Part of our mission includes partnering with other companies, like JobElephant, who have similar goals. Click here to learn more about how Text Analyzer can help you reach your diversity recruitment goals.

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