Is hiring for diversity a goal in your company? We found 30+ diversity job boards that might help with your search. I include the cost and tagline for each.

The list of job boards for diversity is grouped, so it’s easier to navigate. In this article you will find:

Diversity Job Boards

Diversity Job Boards

Why use a diversity job board? Diversity job boards are tailored to candidates from underrepresented communities.  There are free diversity job boards for employers and some that require an investment. Here’s our list:

African American Job Boards

African American job boards are geared towards recruiting diversity candidates of African American descent.

Black Career Network

Diversity job board tagline: Start Reaching More Diverse Candidates

Diversity job posting cost for 1 job:

  • Premium Level $795 for 90 days
  • Basic Level $495 for 60 days

Black Tech Jobs

Diversity job board tagline: Disrupting the tech talent landscape

Diversity job postings cost for 90 days:

  • 1 job posting $249.99
  • 5 for $1,000
  • 10 for $1,800

Black Jobs

Diversity job board tagline: Promote Your Job Openings to 300,000 Qualified African American Job Seekers!

Diversity job postings cost for 60 days:

  • 1 job posting for $249
  • 3 for $499
  • 10 for $999
  • 30 for $2,999
  • 12 months unlimited for $9,999

Note: Diversity job postings also listed on for free! 


Diversity job board tagline: Jumpstart Your Diversity.

Diversity job posting cost: Fees are on a sliding scale. Connect with their team for more information.

Job Boards for POC & BIPOC

This list of job boards is for hiring POC and BIPOC candidates.

PDN Recruits

Diversity job board tagline: The Easiest Way To Attract Over 1 Million New Job Seekers A Month

Diversity job postings cost per month:

  • 1 job posting for $495
  • 3 for $695
  • 5 for $995
  • 15 for 1,995


Diversity job board tagline: Diverse Teams Transform Business

Diversity job postings cost: Schedule an intro call for customized solutions.


Diversity job board tagline: Meet your next hire. Let us help you diversify your team.

Diversity job posting cost: Connect with the Jopwell partnerships team for pricing.


Diversity job board tagline: NAAAP Career Center

Diversity job posting cost:

  • 30-day job posting for $149
  • 60-day job posting for $299
  • 5 job postings for $650
  • & more customized options for employers

LGBT Job Boards

If hiring more candidates from the LGBTQIA+ is part of your talent acquisition strategy. Here are a few diversity job boards to use.

Campus Pride

Diversity job board tagline: Campus Pride works to directly connect young adults with LGBTQ friendly and inclusive careers to make the job search easier and more accessible.

Diversity job posting cost: FREE!! Just register with Campus Pride to post on the diversity job board.

LGBT Connect

Diversity job board tagline: Connecting employers with the LGBT community.

Diversity job postings cost: Postings start at $200 for 60 days and there’s an option to also post on

Out and Equal

Diversity job boards tagline: Celebrating Inclusion & Equality

Diversity job postings cost for 60 days:

Pink Jobs LGBT

Diversity job board tagline: LGBT, Gay Friendly Jobs and Candidates

Diversity job posting cost: FREE!!

Job Boards for Women

If hiring women is a top priority, here are some of the top diversity job boards for women.


Diversity job board tagline: Where millions of women are finding their next job

Diversity job posting cost: Silver, Gold, and Platinum level pricing for unlimited job posts, employer profile and more. Contact their team for a quote.


Diversity job board tagline: Diverse Teams Perform Better, yet achieving gender parity with diversity is challenging. Let us help.

Diversity job postings cost for 45 days: 

  • 1 remote job posting for $499
  • bulk job posting discounts available

Tech Ladies

Diversity job board tagline: Hire 100,000 Women in Tech

Diversity job postings cost: Free!! You can also become a “founding member” for $79 a month to get additional benefits.

The Mom Project

Diversity job board tagline: We turned recruitment into a movement.

Diversity job posting cost: There’s no charge for diversity job postings on The Mom Project platform, a fee is only paid if you hire a candidate from the network.

Women for Hire

Diversity job board tagline: Showcase your diversity initiatives, recruit top women and position your company as an employer of choice for diverse women with our online job board.

Diversity job postings cost: 

  • 1-4 postings for $75 each
  • 5-9 postings: $60/posting
  • 10-14 postings: $55/posting
  • 15-19 postings: $45/posting
  • 20+ postings: $40/posting
  • 6 months unlimited for $2,395
  • 1 year unlimited for $3,395

Disability Job Boards

For diversity recruitment advertising many companies put funds towards jobs boards.  Here are a few job boards for people with disabilities.


Diversity job board tagline: AbilityLinks connects applicants with disabilities to inclusive employers, empowered by technology with a commitment to the communities we serve.

Diversity job postings cost:  

  • 1 or multiple job postings for 30 days is $400/each
  • Silver sponsorship — 50 active postings (& other perks) for $3,000/yr
  • Gold sponsorship — 100 active postings (& other perks) for $5,000/yr
  • Platinum sponsorship — 1,000 active postings (& other perks) for $10,000/yr


Diversity job board tagline: Be Ahead of the Curve with Human-Centric Recruitment.

Diversity job postings cost:  Sign up on their website to get started.


Diversity job board tagline: Post your job today and quickly reach top candidates.

Diversity job postings cost: 

  • 30-day premium for $234
  • 30-day platinum for $295
  • 30-day standard for $195

Note: Other perks like featured upgrades, social media optimization, and connecting to other job board partners included in various packages.

Latinx & Latino Job Boards

There are job boards just for hiring from the Latinx, Latino, and Hispanic communities. Here are 3 Latino job boards we found:

Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association (HLPA)

Diversity job board tagline: HLPA Job Board

Diversity job postings cost: 

  • 1 job posting is $199 for 30 days for non-members
  • unlimited job postings, and LPA member services (email marketing, job fairs, & more) for $3,995 a year


Diversity job board tagline: Connecting Diverse Talent with Great Opportunities

Diversity job posting cost for 1 job:

  • Premium Level $795 for 90 days
  • Basic Level $495 for 60 days


Diversity job board tagline: Spanish bilingual and Hispanic jobs since 1997. Diversity jobs and search engines since 2006.

Diversity job posting cost for 1 job:

  • Premium Level $795 for 90 days
  • Basic Level $495 for 60 days

Best Veteran Job Boards

Military veterans are underrepresented in many industries. Here are 2 of the best veteran job boards for getting them hired.


Diversity job board tagline: Find qualified veteran job seekers with military experience.

Diversity job postings cost for 30 days:

  • 1 job posting for $299
  • 2 for $499
  • 3 for $599
  • 5 for $869
  • 10 for $1,189
  • 20 for $1,799
  • 50 for $3,499

Note: The annual unlimited plan is $3,995.

Veterans Connect

Diversity job boards tagline: Celebrating Inclusion & Equality

Diversity job postings cost for 60 days:

Native American Job Boards

Native American job boards are a great way to reach Indigenous candidates.

Diversity job board tagline: Native America’s Premier Employment Resource

Diversity job postings cost: 

  • $750/year for gold sponsorship with bulk job uploads
  • $1,500/year for platinum sponsorship with bulk job uploads

National Congress of American Indians

Diversity job board tagline: NCAI job listings

Diversity job postings cost: Contact the NCAI for pricing and employer membership opportunities.

Neurodiversity & Autism Job Boards

Finding & hiring neurodiverse candidates is a breeze through these neurodiversity and autism job boards.

Exceptional Individuals

Diversity job board tagline: Neurodiverse Jobs Board. We run a neurodiverse jobs board to advertise inclusive companies’ jobs, specifically for neurodivergent people.

Diversity job postings cost: Contact their team to start a partnership and review costs.

Hire Autism

Diversity job board tagline: Find your next employee

Diversity job postings cost: FREE!!

Neurodiverse Jobs

Diversity job board tagline: A curated list of jobs from companies hiring and including #neurodiverse talent

Diversity job postings cost: FREE!!

Job Boards for Senior Citizens

There aren’t as many job boards for older candidates, but we did find this one.


Diversity job board tagline: Employers Seeking Older Workers

Diversity job postings cost: Pricing starts at $49 per 30 days once you create an account.

Other Minority Job Boards

This list is by no means complete. Here are a few more diversity jobs boards for underrepresented groups:

Am I missing any important diversity job boards? Email to add to the list. For a few more diversity hiring resources, check out our blog 5 Great Diversity Recruiting Websites.


Finding diversity job boards that fit into your recruitment strategy is key. And Ongig’s mission is to remove bias from your job descriptions…before you post them to a diversity job board. Check out Ongig’s Text Analyzer if you’d like a cloud-based software tool to write more inclusive job content.


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