Looking for resources to help you diversify your hiring pipeline? Here are the best 8 diversity websites to support those efforts. We also list some extra DEI tools and job boards at the bottom.


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When I think of diversity recruiting websites, one thing that comes to mind is blogs. Ongig’s HR blog has a vast amount of diversity hiring and diversity best practices information created for hiring professionals. Here are some of the most popular articles on Ongig’s blog:

The diversity (and other HR-related) content in Ongig’s blog is a great resource for talent acquisition leaders with a goal to hire more diverse candidates.

Hiring more diversely requires a variety of strategies and a commitment to eliminating bias and discrimination from the hiring process. Check out these DEI-focused recruiting websites to guide your organization’s hiring practices.


diversityjobs.com diversity initiatives are still failing black women

Diversityjobs.com is another example of a diversity recruiting website. Diversity Jobs has organized diversity job fairs for over a decade. During the pandemic, they shifted to promoting virtual diversity job fairs and providing resources to employers for diversity hiring. Diversityjobs.com diversity strategy resources for employers include:

  • Blog content on workplace diversity and eliminating workplace inequality
  • A list of top diversity job sites and diversity job boards
  • The ability to create a company profile and custom diversity email marketing campaigns
  • Access to diverse candidates, who can upload their resume on the site for free

Fairygodboss’s Diversity Website

fairygodboss diversity recruting website

The Fairygodboss diversity recruiting website is focused on diversity hiring for women. Fairygodboss not only has a job board for women looking for work, but this website also includes:

  • Free resources and tips to drive gender diversity in the workplace
  • A connection to nine million diverse female candidates
  • A way for employers to increase visibility to female candidates
  • Sponsored success stories around recruiting diversity candidates

National Diversity Council


The National Diversity Council (NDC) is another example of a diversity recruiting website. The NDC has a wealth of resources on how to recruit diverse candidates and training on various diversity leadership areas. Some of these resources include:

  • Diversity conferences and other events
  • College initiatives
  • Diversity councils
  • DiversityFIRST programs
  • NDC certification program

Black Career Women’s Network

The Black Career Women’s Network (BCWN) began in 2008 to connect Black women to community support, career coaching, and networking. Today, it is a thriving community and a robust job board for Black women. Employers can use the BCWN job board to connect with Black women professionals, who upload their resumes and look for jobs there. Other resources for employers include:

  • Paid job postings on the BCWN job board
  • Corporate membership programs to support employees
  • Diversity Recruitment program


Mentra is a neurodiversity employment network for tech professionals. They connect neurodivergent individuals with employers looking for exceptional talent. Mentra evaluates candidates one by one with an AI-powered questionnaire so they can connect them with the perfect fit. Here are some benefits for employers who use Mentra:

  • 30 day free trial of Mentra
  • 50,000+ highly skilled candidates
  • 94% Mentra candidate retention rate
  • Scalable pricing for job postings and recruitment

HBCU Career Center

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are a fantastic resource for employers looking to hire more Black professionals. They work with companies of various sizes and industries to recruit talented individuals from HBCUs. Some more of the employer benefits this resource has to offer:

  • Job board for HBCU students and graduates
  • Discounted job postings for nonprofits and government agencies
  • Employer HBCU hiring newsletter

Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN)

EARN exists to help companies hire more disabled candidates. They provide assistance and resources in all aspects of the process, from recruiting to disabled employee retention. Because this resource is focused on employer education, they offer tons of resources on hiring disabled folks. Here are some of the resources you can find on their website:

  • A guide to compliance when hiring or recruiting disabled individuals
  • Educational webinars
  • Downloadable checklists for recruitment and interviewing
  • Self-guided inclusivity training about disability
  • Retention strategies for employers with disabled employees

If you’re looking for more diversity recruiting tools, here are a few websites to consider:

Tools for Diversity Recruiting

Diversity recruiting tools are a big part of a diversity recruiting strategy. In our blog, 10 Tools for Eliminating Racial Bias, we listed some of the top tools to use. These tools help remove bias (racial and beyond) in the hiring process.

If you’re looking for a diversity job board, here are 10+ popular websites for recruiting diversity candidates from underrepresented groups:

Diversity Job Boards

Why I wrote this?

One reason we dedicate much of this Ongig blog website to diversity recruiting is because it’s a key part of our mission: to eliminate boring and biased job ads. You can also check out Ongig’s Text Analyzer if you’d like a cloud-based software tool to write more inclusive job content. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to provide better diversity recruitment resources for employers.

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