The hiring process can be a real headache. So, you have to juggle multiple priorities, from sourcing candidates, job posting, ensuring positive candidate experience, and more. Fortunately, this is where different HR software comes in.

These tools can automate and simplify most of your HR tasks. For instance, job posting software can help you write job descriptions, and advertise your job ads on different sites and boards.

So in this article, we’ll discuss the 10 best job posting software tools to help you make a decision.

Best Job Posting Software #1: Ongig

Ongig’s Text Analyzer helps you create bias-free and effective job ads so you can engage with candidates from different types of backgrounds. 

Also, if your job descriptions sound too legal, dull, and clinical, Ongig can make them more readable. So this ensures you attract and hire top talent.


Here’s what this job posting tool will do for you:

  • It flags inappropriate, biased words and phrases: Candidates from underrepresented groups won’t apply to your organization when you use biased words that offend them in your job posts. Ongig flags these words that offend them. Some of the offensive phrases Ongig flags are based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, race, disability, and more.
  • It improves your job listing readability: The software flags excessive adverbs, complex words, and a long list of requirements that deter potential candidates from continuing with the application.

Also, Ongig’s Text Analyzer tells you the average reading grade level of your job descriptions. Most candidates prefer reading at a low-grade level (around the 8th-grade level). 

For instance, the job ad below is written at the 14.4th grade level. And Ongig suggests the job ad use fewer words and sentences. You’ll also find an overall score of how readable the job description is:

best job posting software ongig
  • It uses AI to flag poor section formatting: Ongig flags any missing important sections that candidates look for such as benefits and salary in your job descriptions.
  • Custom job posting templates: The platform provides a template builder that allows you to quickly create and post job ads repeatedly. So, this helps if you’re hiring at scale.


With our recent update, creating job postings from scratch has become easier. Type in a job title, and our AI-powered JD writer will do the rest. Here’s how it works:

  1. Input Job Title: Open a new job, click “Write Sample,” and type in your job title, like “Software Engineer”.
  2. Generate JD: Then select any sections you want to include based on your custom templates. After that, click “Generate Now”.
  3. AI Content Creation: Text Analyzer then uses AI to write a detailed JD, ready to edit.
  4. Optimize Content: Plus, you can reduce masculine-biased words and simplify sentences by clicking “Optimize Content” and “Rewrite Now”. Then watch your job score increase.
  5. Increase Gender Neutrality: Replace feminine-biased words with gender-neutral alternatives to increase the inclusivity of your job ads.
  6. View Changes: And, compare versions by clicking “View Changes” before finishing your edits.
  7. Export Options: Easily export your optimized job posting to PDF, Word, or HTML. Plus, professional and premium plans offer API integration for easy ATS integration.

So to improve your recruitment workflow with our new Text Analyzer features, request a demo.


Ongig’s Text Analyzer’s pricing starts at $17,900 per year. The pricing depends on features and job volume needs. There are also free trials, so, request a demo to get exact pricing.

Best Job Posting Software #2: Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular job sites. It’s popular due to its ease of use and user-friendly interface when it comes to posting jobs. Plus the tool also helps you set up interviews with potential candidates.

best job posting software indeed


Here’s why users love Indeed:

  • Job post checklist: The platform provides a checklist for you to create the best job openings. Plus, the tool prompts you to add essential information you might leave out.
  • Moderation process: After creating your job post, it goes through an internal moderation process to ensure it’s effective. So, after moderation, your job post goes live within 24 to 48 hours of submission.
  • An employer dashboard: The tool provides an employer dashboard that contains all information about your job post and the candidates that are applying. Easily view their resumes and select the most qualified candidates.
  • Indeed Interview: It’s easy for you to interview the candidates who have applied to your job posts through the Indeed Interview platform. The Indeed Interview platform is directly from your Employer Dashboard. So, you don’t have to pay for extra software.
  • Sponsored job postings: If you want to hire quickly, pay to have your job posting advertised to thousands of the right candidates.
  • Weekly summary: Every Monday, Indeed sends a job post summary that includes sponsored job updates, the number of applicants, and tips to help optimize your job post.


Indeed provides a free trial. And you can also decide to set a daily or monthly budget. The minimum Indeed allows is $5 per day or $150 per month. 

Best Job Posting Software #3: LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is great if you’re looking to hire for high-level positions such as CEOs and any other type of role. Therefore, with LinkedIn being the largest professional network, you can easily target, prioritize, and manage qualified candidates.

best job posting software linkedin


Here’s why LinkedIn Jobs is a great job posting tool:

  • A strong job description: LinkedIn Jobs helps you come up with a great job description with the help of AI. Plus the tool provides more than 130 job description templates to inspire you. After that, post the job.
  • Target the right people: LinkedIn Jobs uses industry, location, years of experience, and skills to get your job post in front of qualified candidates.
  • Attracting qualified candidates: The platform provides skills assessments and screening questions to help you identify the right candidates for the job.
  • Sponsored jobs: You can pay for your post to get advertised to thousands of qualified candidates for quick reach. And you only pay when a candidate engages with your job post.


The platform provides a free trial to gauge if it’s the right job posting software for you. To get a quote, they have a form to contact one of their sales agents to guide you.

Best Job Posting Software #4: JobAdder

JobAdder lets you distribute your job posts across different job boards. Plus the platform makes your recruitment process easy by helping you attract, screen candidates, and manage your interviews. 

With their software, you also create and edit your job descriptions, including responsibilities, qualifications, job titles, and salary ranges.

So, the platform is great for recruitment agencies and in-house hiring teams.

best job posting software job adder


Here’s what makes JobAdder an attractive job posting software tool:

  • Access more job boards: The platform lets you post your job ads on the leading job sites, job boards, and social media. 
  • Advertise on your organization’s career pages: With the platform, you can post your job openings to your organization’s website.
  • Simplify advertising workflows with job ad templates: Publish your job posts in less than three clicks with the platform’s pre-written templates for a hassle-free and easy advertising process.


The software offers flexible plans for all businesses. Request for a discovery demo to get a quote.

Best Job Posting Software #5: BreezyHR

Apart from being a great job posting software tool, Breezy HR is also a job description management software that enables organizations to track candidate applications, perform candidate sourcing, and schedule interviews. 

best job posting software breezy

Breezy HR is suitable for medium and small-sized businesses looking to automate their recruitment tasks.


Here’s what the platform offers:

  • Advertise & attract: Breezy HR advertises your job open positions on 50+ job sites and boards, with a single click. The tool also supports premium and niche job boards depending on your hiring industry. Some of the niche platforms provide an automatic 40% discount for Breezy users.
  • Build your career site: Breezy makes it easy to customize beautiful and simple career sites to attract candidates who come across your job posts. So, they provide all the services and your team doesn’t have to do any coding. Then, if you have your career website, you can integrate the website into Breezy with a Breezy Widget.
  • Employee referral: Breezy HR makes it easy to build a simple employee referral process that helps your hiring team bring in more top candidates. Therefore, the platform makes it easy for you to get your employees to refer candidates for the jobs.


Breezy HR allows you to select whether you want to pay annually or monthly. If you opt for the annual subscription, you get a 2-month discount worth of subscription fees. 

The tool also offers a 14-day free trial ( no credit card information required). Once the trial expires, select any of the plans below:

  • Bootstrap: Free
  • Startup: $157 per month
  • Growth: $273 per month
  • Business: $439 per month

Best Job Posting Software #6: ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter’s hiring platform uses AI to locate qualified applicants for your job openings. With the platform, you can send your job ad to over 100 leading job sites with one click. So, ZipRecruiter is great for large and mid-sized organizations looking to increase the reach of job posts.

best job posting software ziprecruiter


Here’s what this job posting tool has to offer:

  • Provision of increased visibility for your job ads: ZipRecruiter’s pro plans include TrafficBoost which maximizes the visibility of your job postings. So, this is useful if you’re having trouble attracting top candidates for your role.
  • Its Pro subscriptions get you millions of resumes: ZipRecruiter’s subscriptions include access to a database with over 36 million resumes and an algorithm rating that accesses candidate resumes based on how they fit your job requirements.
  • Offers a wide variety of integrations: This includes integrations with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinpoint, Greenhouse, PCRecruiter, ClearCompany, and more.
  • Integrates with your other ATS tools: The enterprise and Pro plan work to combine with your existing ATS.


ZipRecruiter offers a four-day free trial. Then their pricing starts from $299. And depending on your demands, they create a custom plan for you.

Best Job Posting Software #7: Workable

Workable is an all-in-one recruitment software. With the tool, you can post your jobs, source applicants, and manage your candidates all in one place.

best job posting software workable


Here’s what the software offers:

  • Distribute your job post to different job boards: Workable automatically posts your job ads to 200+ job sites. Some of the job sites are Linkedin, Indeed, Google, Jobs by Workable, and more. 
  • Localized job board posting: Workable partners with top job boards all over the world. This helps you to share your job posts with the local boards in your country or region.
  • Distribute to social media and other sites: Easily share the job posts to all your organization’s social media channels with one short link they provide.


Workable offers a 15days free trial. Plus, they have a starter plan at $149 per month, a standard plan at $299 per month, and a $599 standard plan at $599 per month.

Best Job Posting Software #8: Betterteam

Betterteam offers the most affordable and fastest solution for posting your jobs to hundreds of job sites. More than 172, 000 organizations worldwide use the platform. The platform also offers a solution for you to manage your candidates in one account. So this way, you can know which qualified candidates to reach out to first.

best job posting software betterteam


Here are the solutions Betterteam offers for your job posting: 

  • Post your job ads to different job boards: Betterteam is both a job post distribution system and an applicant tracking system. With the platform, you post your jobs and then the job posts are automatically sent to 100+ job boards.
  • Easy candidate management: Candidates who apply to your job posts are collected in your Betterteam Dashboard and also emailed to you. This way, you can know the qualified candidates to contact by checking their resumes. The platform continues to send you candidates until you recruit the qualified applicant and close your job.
  • Easily work with other hiring managers: Automatically send a copy of all applications by email to other hiring managers. Plus, download the performance reports of all your job posts and share them with your hiring team.


Betterteam charges a flat monthly rate that allows you to post a specific number of jobs.

They have different plans consisting of:

  • Solo Plan: For $39.00 per month 
  • Plus Plan: For $99.00
  • Premium Plan: $139.00
  • Business Plan: $209.00
  • Enterprise Plan: $398.00
  • Corporate Plan: $598

Best Job Posting Software #9: Manatal

Manatal is a job posting software designed for recruiting, staffing, headhunting agencies, and organizations with more than 10 employees. 

This tool lets you post your jobs to thousands of niche job advertisement channels, from unpaid to paid sources. Plus it offers other services such as employee onboarding and management.

best job posting software manatal


Here’s what you’ll enjoy from Manatal:

  • Advanced social media job posting and listing: Manatal has a Chrome add-on for importing LinkedIn profiles and job post sharing directly to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and more.
  • User-friendly interface: If you’re tired of using complicated job posting tools, you’ll love Manatal. One of its high reviews on Google is its ease of use. You barely need any training to understand the software.
  • Post your jobs on 200+ free and premium channels: Share your job posts on 2,500+ premium and free channels, including global, local, and specialized job platforms such as Linkedin, Indeed, Monster, JobStreet, CareerJet, and more.


Manatal offers a 14-day free trial. And they offer both yearly and monthly plans. For annual plans, they offer:

  • Professional Plan: For $19 a month
  • Enterprise Plan: For $39 a month
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: For $59 per month

Best Job Posting Software #10: Teamtailor

Teamtailor is a recruitment software designed to offer a great experience for both hiring teams and candidates. Apart from offering excellent job posting features, the platform also offers candidate management, job description services, and more.

More than 7000 customers use the platform. They help small, medium-sized, and large enterprise businesses.

best job posting software teamtailor


Here’s what makes Teamtailor an excellent job posting software:

  • Job tags and creating a new job: Before creating your first job, the tool provides tags to make filtering your job ads easy. This also helps you group similar jobs. Plus the platform provides pre pre-built template to make publishing your job ad easy.
  • Optimized SEO for your jobs: The platform uses generative AI to ensure your job ad is found by relevant candidates.
  • Internal recruitment: If you want your job ad to only get seen by your employees, they help make it easy.
  • Managing jobs: Easily edit, delete, archive, and change the status of your jobs quickly.


The platform offers a 14-day free trial. After that, request for a custom quote from them.


Ongig’s mission is to smoothen your recruitment journey by helping you write inclusive and effective job descriptions. Book a demo today to learn how you can write the best job descriptions with our Text Analyzer software.


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