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Job aggregation is a rapidly growing business, and it’s only going to accelerate. Glassdoor, Indeed, and Simply Hired have been at the forefront of Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.32.01 PMaggregating jobs for several years. In fact, Indeed recently announced that they’ve surpassed the 140 million unique visitors mark per month. This is a 40% increase over their traffic from one year ago.

Indeed’s momentum has encouraged big recruiting sites like LinkedIn and Monster to enter the aggregation field. The result will be hundreds of millions more candidates landing on job descriptions every month. The key is that aggregators want a closer relationship to your ATS for a more direct candidate experience.

This is a situation that forward-thinking recruiters will capitalize on. They’ll capitalize on the situation by taking control of the process by:

1. Evaluating their current job descriptions

Status quo will not be good enough in the age of job aggregation. For most companies, the ATS does not produce job descriptions inspiring a great candidate experience. Yet, this is where the majority of job descriptions come from. This could be a missed opportunity to help candidates become more informed and inspired about working for your company.



2. Auto-building job descriptions w/specific job category & location info

Forward-thinking recruiting teams will use their job descriptions as a platform to tell their story and engage candidates. They’ll include visuals and interaction on their job descriptions that are specific by a location and/or job category. The difference in converting quality candidates lies in the story you tell at a more granular level. Candidates will be well-informed on what to expect when they walk through your door, versus just applying for another job that looks the same as all others.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 1.02.23 PM


3. Analyzing traffic, and sponsoring positions where most effective

Candidate conversion is critical in the age of job aggregation. Aggregators will cumulatively send hundreds of candidates to each of your individual jobs. Many of these candidates may never see the front page of your careers site before applying. The job description will be your best opportunity to engage candidates in many cases. This is why it will be critical to understand exactly where your views are coming from, and what percentage are clicking apply.

The best recruiters will use job category and location analytics to their advantage. They’ll know which sites are working the best for which specific locations and jobs. This will create a guide for where they spend their advertising dollars in sponsoring ads and leveraging traffic with each aggregator.


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.36.34 PM


So what’s the easiest route to capitalize on this opportunity? You can talk to your ATS provider or advertising agency in an attempt to put a new solution in place. However, this could take a great deal of time, money, and resources. You could also tap your internal IT team to come up with a new job descriptions. But that could also take a long time, and pull the IT team off of projects driving revenue for your company.

That’s where Ongig comes in. Our platform can provides more informative and inspirational job descriptions in a matter of days by:

1. Powering job descriptions that mirror your careers site

2. Distributing the jobs to all major job boards and aggregators

3. Providing analytics on pre-apply candidate behavior

And all of this with no IT required. Click here to connect with us. Thanks for reading!




Jason Webster

Jason Webster is a social recruiting enthusiast and co-founder of Ongig, a platform that creates shareable, visually-appealing job descriptions. He has spoken at multiple social recruiting events, where his passion for candidate experience is the primary topic. Connect with Jason and Ongig on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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