Employer review sites can be really useful for many different occasions, but for the most part they are utilized by job seekers looking for in-depth, accurate information on employers they plan to apply to.

There are many employer reviews sites out there, some with reviews and ratings from current employees and others who produce their own employer reviews by analyzing companies on their own. Here are the top 5 employer reviews sites that give a detailed, accurate, and voluminous look at employers:

1. GlassDoor

GlassDoor is the undisputed leader in this employer review sites segment and has built a database of 8+ million company reviews, leadership/management ratings, salary reports, job interview tips, employee benefits reports, and workplace insights all generated by “the people who know the company best”, the employees.

Glassdoor’s Employer Review Rundown:

  • Overall Company Review Rating Scale: 1-5
  • Recommend Company To A Friend Scale: 0-100%
  • CEO Approval Rating Scale: 0-100%
  • Employee Review
    • Pros & Cons
    • Interview Ratings
Glassdoor Google Overview 2

Caption: Not a full employer review, just a few sections within review.

2. Great Place To Work

Great place to work offers the most in-depth employer reviews on the list. While GlassDoor offers individual employee feedback, great place to work’s employer review system is based on a collective rating of all current employees’ feedback on an anonymous survey in six different areas (Challenges, Atmosphere, Rewards, Pride, Communication, and Leadership). They also provide great visuals on employer statistics giving potential job candidates multiple ways to look at data.

Great Place To Work’s Employer Review Rundown:

  • What Employees Say Scale: 0-100%
  • About Company
  • Company Awards
  • Perks & Programs
  • Compensation Programs
  • Employee Benefits
  • Demographic Visuals (Charts & Graphs)
  • Hiring Outlooks
  • Advice On How To Get Hired
Great Place To Work Review

Caption: Not a full employer review, just a few sections within review.

3. Indeed

Indeed doesn’t have as many companies reviewed in their database as the other 4 sites mentioned on this list. Their employer reviews are segmented into a list of the best places to work and has around 500 companies that are reviewed and rated by current and past employees. Indeed is more like Glassdoor in the way employee reviews are conducted and also provide individual ratings as well as cumulative ratings.

Indeed’s Employer Review Rundown:

  • Overall Company Review Rating Scale: 1-5
  • Work/Life Balance Scale: 1-5
  • Compensation/Benefits Scale: 1-5
  • Job Security/Advancement Scale: 1-5
  • Management Scale: 1-5
  • Culture Scale: 1-5
  • Employee Review
    • Pros & Cons
Indeed Employer Review

Caption: Not a full employer review, just a few sections within review.


4. Vault

Vault provides employer ratings, reviews, and rankings on 5,000 companies in over 120 industries. Rather than an employee review based site, Vault does most of their company research in-house and provides some really in-depth information on each department. This site does have some free content (overview and some rankings) on companies, but in order to get the good stuff you will need to subscribe to Vault for a fee.

Vault’s Employer Review Rundown:

  • Overview
    • Review on each department
    • Financial Performance
    • Strategy
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Recent Company News & Press Releases
  • Industry Reputation
  • Career Advancement
  • Quality of Life
  • Salary & Benefits
  • Interview Process
  • Employee Reviews
    • Uppers
    • Downers
    • Comments
Vault Employer Review Sites

Caption: Not a full employer review, just a few sections within review.

5. The Job Crowd

Focused on graduate employers and employees the job crowd hosts thousands of reviews for potential candidates to read. They do a great job not only providing individual employee reviews, but also have reviews on specific job titles and positions. Their employee reviews are based on the premise of what the best and worst things are about the company and the employer profile has information on working hours, salary, and interview tips.

The Job Crowd’s Employer Review Rundown

  • Employee Rating: 1-5
  • Job/Workplace Reviews: 1-5
  • Individual Job Reviews: 1-5
  • Employer Profile
  • Open Graduate Jobs
  • Employee Reviews:
    • Best and Worst Things About Company
    • Day-to-Day Routine

      The Job Crowd Hilton Review

      Caption: Not a full employer review, just a few sections within review.

Update (6/29/16): Kununu

My CEO’s Candidate Attraction/Engagement friend at Dell, Jennifer Newbill, reminded me that kununu is launching an employer review platform in the US market partnering up with Monster.

Kununu is the leading Europe-based employer review platform with over one million reviews on around 250,000 companies, according to a recent kununu press release.

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