It’s amazing how many famous people with dyslexia there are. They include athletes, actors, inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians, authors, and artists.

I found 200+ famous people who have dyslexia as part of our research on Ongig’s series on neurodiversity. I felt inspired to list all these amazing people in one place!

Disclaimers: This list includes famous dyslexic people who have been diagnosed and those who have been reported or rumored to be affected by dyslexia. I do my best to list resources for any questionable ones and welcome feedback, additions, and edits! I am not an expert on dyslexia.

Famous People with Dyslexia

Tom Holland is Dyslexic

Is Tom Holland dyslexic? According to Dyslexic Advantage, he was diagnosed at an early age. (image source: Gage Skidmore)

This gymnast turned Avengers and Spiderman star is dyslexic. Fun fact…he flipped into and out of his audition for Spiderman. Dyslexic Advantage said,

Tom’s dyslexia was identifed at the age of 7 which led his parents to enroll him in a private school.

He’s occasionally been hounded on social media because of spelling or grammar mistakes, but most of all he’s lauded for his natural acting ability and athletic skill.”

Donald Trump Dyslexic

Is Donald Trump Dyslexic? Twitter users believe he is, but it has never been confirmed. (image source: Wikipedia)

Given what we know now after researching famous people with learning disabilities, many historic figures were or are affected by dyslexia. There are rumors on Twitter that Donald Trump is dyslexic, but these rumors have not been confirmed.

Was Albert Einstein dyslexic? Indeed he was, according to the Commonwealth Learning Center (see Famous Dyslexics who have Impacted the World:

“Albert Einstein, the most influential physicist of the 20th century, was dyslexic. He loved mathematics and science, but he disliked grammar and always had problems with spelling.”

Was Albert Einstein dyslexic?

Was Albert Einstein dyslexic? According to the Commonwealth Learning Center, he was. (image source: Wikipedia)

So here’s my list of famous dyslexics. There are so many reported famous people with dyslexia that I categorized them by their professional field (Actors, Athletes, Musicians, Leaders, etc.). I hope you’re as inspired by these successful people as I am!

Famous Celebrities with Dyslexia

Jennifer Aniston dyslexia

ABC News reveals Jennifer Aniston’s 20 year battle with dyslexia. (image source: Wikipedia)

alyssa milano dyslexic

Childhood star Alyssa Milano struggled with her scripts in the 1980s but has grown to manage her Dyslexia as an adult. (image source: Wikimedia)

Getting her fame in the 1980s from her role as Samantha, Alyssa Milano, told Wonderwall she struggled with her scripts because she is dyslexic. When asked about her dyslexia by a fan on Twitter, she said:

“By accepting it’s a learning difference, not a learning disability and… spell check :)”

Athletes with Dyslexia

Tim Tebow is dyslexic

Dyslexia Help says Tim Tebow is dyslexic and gives talks about his experiences growing up with dyslexia. (image source: Sports Spectrum, Wikipedia)

Famous Dyslexic Musicians

Jewel is dyslexic

According to Integrative Learning, Jewel had to work 20 times harder to learn due to her dyslexia. (image source: Justin Higuchi, Wikipedia)

Famous Dyslexic Writers

Is F. Scott Fitzgerald dyslexic

Commonwealth Learning Center said F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of Great Gatsby, was reportedly kicked out of school at the age of 12 for not focusing or finishing his work due. (image source: The World’s Work, Wikipedia)

Tim Ferriss is the author of the popular book 4-hour Work Week. In an interview with, Ferriss opened up about his struggles with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia in school:

“Writing this book required me to conquer serious inner demons. I was mildly dyslexic at a young age and still have a lot of trouble with dysgraphia: miswriting and mixing up letters. Finishing my senior thesis in college almost killed me, and this book was more than twice the length.”

Famous Dyslexic Scientists & Inventors

Carol Greider is dyslexic

Carol Grieder was diagnosed with dyslexia later in life and struggled during school as a child according to Number Dyslexia. (image source: Gerbil, Wikipedia)

Entrepreneurs with Dyslexia (and other Leaders)

When Time Magazine asked Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic Airlines, whether dyslexia hindered his business abilities, he replied,

“Strangely, I think my dyslexia has helped.”

Is Richard Branson dyslexic

Richard Brandon told Time Magazine “Strangely, I think my dyslexia has helped” when asked about his success. (image source: Chatham House Flickr)

Famous Dyslexic Artists

Was Andy Warhol Dyslexic

According to Live About, Andy Warhol may have been dyslexic. (image source: Wikipedia)

Did I miss any famous dyslexics?

I know there are plenty of other famous dyslexics I’ve missed. Please add a comment below or ping me at and I’ll be glad to add them. Thanks!

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Why I wrote this?

Ongig is on a mission to eliminate boring and biased job descriptions. As part of this, we try to share best practices on all aspects of diversity. For example, Ongig’s Text Analyzer helps you avoid words that are exclusionary to neurodiverse people. Please visit Ongig if you’d like to learn more.

Thank you, you Neurodiversity Pros!

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