Building a diversity pipeline taps into broader talent pools and strengthens company culture. Some of the biggest global brands use diversity pipeline programs to find talent from underrepresented groups.

Here are 7 examples:

1. FedEx — HBCU Partnership 

FedEx launched a Historically Black University (HBCU) student ambassador program, partnering with 8 notable HBCUs. FedEx’s partnership gives students a slew of career-related training and job placement opportunities, catering to students/potential hires across many specialties, including marketing, sales, logistics, and data analytics. 

FedEx selected HBCUs near its operating facilities, giving students the convenience of visiting the sites to learn about business processes in real-time. 

FedEx is known for its people-first philosophy, having won Forbes’ 2019 Best Employers for Diversity. The latest HBCU partnership aims to equip the modern workforce with relevant skills and bring diverse talent into FedEx’s diversity pipeline programs. 


2. MiQ Learning Labs — Diversity Pipeline Internships

MiQ launched a learning labs program that attracts talent from diverse backgrounds. This initiative gives participants industry knowledge to expand their toolkits in programmatic marketing. 

MiQ’s first learning lab internship proved highly successful, prompting follow-up initiatives that reduced potential financial barriers for eager learners. 

The company has moved away from traditional “graduate-hiring” processes toward creative recruitment initiatives in sourcing for a wider talent pool. The initiatives include a Digital Boost Scheme that offers 40 people a week of insights into the business and industry as part of their 3-month training. 


3. IBM — P-TECH Diversity Pipeline Program

IBM was looking for cyber talent back in 2011-2012, so they created the P-TECH program. This diversity pipeline program goes into high schools and community colleges in underserved areas to give them the skills they need for a better chance at getting hired.

Former IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said this about the program:

“After a year, we found that the employees we hired from this program performed as well or better, demonstrated equal innovation, and were more loyal, than those hired only for their university degrees. And notably, 75% of our hires from the program went on to get a college degree.”

(source: MIT Sloan)


4. Lincoln Financial Group — HBCU Partnership Program

Lincoln Financial Group is building a diversity pipeline through 2 unique professional development programs with HBCUs. The partnerships are with Morgan State University (MSU), one of the nation’s leading Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Maryland’s Preeminent Public Urban Research University.

The MSU diversity pipeline program included 6 students from the School of Business who paired with Lincoln mentors. The mentors prepared students for weekly competitions judged by an internal panel. The top 2 finalists received internship offers from Lincoln for its summer 2022 program and the winner received a $2,500 scholarship toward their expenses at Morgan.

In April 2022, Lincoln will host a codeLinc competition at MSU. Contestants from the university will work in teams, with a Lincoln coach giving “advice, technical assistance, and encouragement on topics from coding to presenting ideas effectively.”

These programs are creating a solid pipeline for finding diverse talent. More than 400 students have participated across seven events – 29 have accepted internships and full-time positions at Lincoln.


5. Estée Lauder — Diversity Pipelines for Recruitment

Estée Lauder has diversity-focused recruitment campaigns to attract new hires. Estée Lauder also works with recruitment firms and national diversity organizations, like the Executive Leadership Council and the National Black MBA Association, that feed into their diversity pipeline.

In 2021, they also launched “She’s Howard, Own Your Power,” a multi-year program in collaboration with Howard University aiming to recruit alumnae to:

“participate in experiential learning, career advisement, professional training, and self-empowering mentorship opportunities.”



6. Salesforce — Racial Equality and Justice

Salesforce established the Racial Equality and Justice Taskforce in 2020 to promote inclusion company-wide across 4 pillars — people, philanthropy, purchasing, and policy. The diversity pipeline program works toward having 50% of the U.S. workforce filled by underrepresented groups by 2023. 

The Taskforce has employees with different backgrounds and skillsets who combine their expertise to advance company DEI goals and promote equal employment opportunities.

And, Salesforce has extended its advocacy work beyond the company (e.g., mobilizing support for a Georgia hate crimes law and police reform in Indianapolis and California).


7. General Motors — Diversity Pipeline Hiring Practices

General Motors (GM) has partnerships with various organizations supporting underrepresented groups. The long-term collaboration creates a direct diversity pipeline from communities like Disability: IN, National Society of Black Engineers, and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

In 2020, GM CEO Mary Barra established the GM Inclusion Advisory Board (IAB) and made a $10 million donation to organizations that supported DEI practices (and racial justice). 

General Motors also has African Ancestry Network Group, Native American Cultural Network, and GM Veterans employee resources groups. These groups attract diverse talent to the company and give existing employees the network, tools, and support to foster a culture of diversity. 


Why I Wrote This?

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