I reviewed 100+ diversity memes and found these 12. And, if you’re looking for distasteful D&I memes, sorry, you won’t find them here (they’re not cool!)

The Office diversity day memes

Do you remember season 1, episode 2 of The Office? Here are a few diversity memes from that (controversial) episode:

the office diversity day memes
source: Reddit
the office diversity day memes

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source: me.me

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Coca-Cola diversity training memes [+ a few others]

I saw the most diversity training memes about Coca-Cola’s “be less white” seminar. But there are a couple of other funny D&I training ones too!

Note: Read about Coca-Cola’s “Be Less White” Diversity Fiasco here.

coca cola diversity meme

source: memezila.com
funny diversity training memes coke
source: ahseeit.com
funny diversity training memes michael jackson
source: imgur.com
funny diversity training memes the office
source: memecrunch.com
funny diversity memes racism
source: sadanduseless.com/suez-canal-crisis/
diversity memes-Trump-diversity
source: imgflip.com
diversity meme white dog
source: Makeup Museum

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D&I problems diversity meme

More companies than not have D&I problems. This diversity meme paints a perfect picture of that:

LGBTQ+ diversity meme

Here’s a good diversity meme I found in support of the LGBTQ+ community.


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