You’ll spot the acronym DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) almost everywhere — from LinkedIn listings to JDs, and the trending social posts of thought leaders. It’s a sign that more employers are putting in the time and effort to attract and retain a diverse workforce. 

And it’s with good reason since studies show 76% of job seekers prioritize a diverse workplace as a critical factor when considering new jobs.

Putting in the work on creating the right DEI roles and responsibilities keeps your diverse teams united and helps attract top, diverse talent.

So, which “diversity titles” should you use in your biz? To help you choose, we’ve listed these top 7 DEI roles (often found in HRs departments of leading brands). 

1. Culture Manager 

A culture manager is in charge of bringing out the best in your team members. As the title suggests, these DEI pros are directly responsible for developing a positive work culture. Culture managers set the stage for employees to contribute different perspectives and work collectively as a team. 

Your culture manager interprets the organization’s “culture health” by assessing team conversations and written communication. Managers will then gain the understanding to build a more empathetic environment that encourages creativity and performance. 


2. Chief People Officer

Chief People Officers (CPOs) are business executives responsible for overseeing the relationships and dynamics at the workplace. From a more technical level, CPOs develop and manage people-centric strategies to help HR teams retain talented employees. 

The CPO is a mix of a DEI consultant and an on-the-ground problem solver who executes proposed strategies when the need arises. In some cases, the CPO develops the cultural framework proposed by the CEO, refining initial concepts into actionable objectives.


3. Diversity Coordinator

The diversity coordinator monitors and assesses the progress of DEI initiatives based on the guidelines of the CPO or culture manager. Diversity coordinators collaborate closely with administrative teams to help HR leaders recruit and actively engage diverse talent. 

Diversity coordinators are usually involved with designing and discussing your company’s DEI strategies through shared observations. A diversity coordinator also fine-tunes inclusive policies by quickly addressing the latest DEI issues and priorities.

Your diversity coordinators may organize and schedule events to promote DEI practices and maintain communication with each department (through official company websites or mailing lists).  


4. Diversity Business Partner

Diversity business partners work with several groups to deliver your DEI strategies through employee engagement strategies. These resourceful pros integrate diversity programs into various business aspects like HR and sales. 

Ideally, your diversity business partner applies analytical data that drives DEI-based decisions, keeping employees satisfied while maintaining corporate governance. Diversity business partners also give specialized support in organizing and handling annual DEI reports.

Your diversity business partners will usually team up with other organizations or professional bodies to learn and improve the latest best practices on DEI efforts. 


5. Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

A VP of DIB oversees the management of resources allocated to ongoing campaigns geared toward the best work culture practices. This role usually serves as the company’s official representative/spokesperson for DEI matters, preserving the image of a reliable and fair employer. 

The VP of DIB is often responsible for establishing an organization’s ERGs (employee resource groups) and creating detailed annual business plans to account for DEI recruitment, engagement, and retention practices (based on relevant metrics).


6. Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

A Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DIB) is responsible for scaling DEI initiatives throughout a company.

The Director of DIB works closely with each strategic business partner to empower teams of all backgrounds. An assigned Director of DIB usually reports directly to the VP of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

This role oversees the alignment of functional DIB initiatives with your company’s core philosophies, mission, and strategies. A Director of DIB gives strategic advice to shape and steer your organization’s DEI programs and initiatives. 


7. Chief Diversity Officer 

The Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) is the head architect of DEI strategies and programs. Your CDO oversees the career pathways available for each hire, regardless of their background.

CDOs collaborate and maintain transparency with all C-suite leaders to ensure DEI initiatives flow smoothly at all levels. 

CDOs ensure organizations comply with the latest equal employment opportunity (EEO) regulations. They also address critical concerns of underrepresented groups to provide a better working environment for all.

At times, CDOs may need to initiate changes to core management practices to create a positive difference.  


Should DEI roles be full-time or committee-based?

Ultimately, there is no fixed rule for implementing DEI initiatives, and company practices vary according to goals, budgets, and priorities.

Some organizations may appoint an advisory diversity committee to fulfill their DEI needs instead of hiring a full-time specialized team. 

A diversity and inclusion committee involves setting up a framework where employees can participate in launching and sustaining DEI objectives. DEI council roles and responsibilities should include senior management and employees from various levels and departments. And your council should reflect core DEI concepts, like having adequate participation from underrepresented groups.


Why I Wrote This? 

Ongig is all about strengthening DEI initiatives through the power of automation. This starts with removing bias from job descriptions to attract top talent. The active promotion of DEI roles will help you optimize your recruitment and hiring practices for lasting results. 



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