Top execs like Jenny Dearborn (Chief People Officer at Klaviyo) and Damien Hooper-Campbell (Chief Diversity Officer at Zoom) pictured below…and many others have found success despite their ADHD diagnosis.

Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are 30% more likely to have issues with employment.

But some brands are working to lower these statistics. Here are 5 examples of companies hiring people with ADHD:

Ernst & Young

In April 2021, Ernst & Young launched its first Neuro-Diverse Center of Excellence in Boston. The goal of this center is to make hiring people with ADHD (and other neurodivergents) easier.

…and to make the training and onboarding process inclusive too.

Jane Steinmetz, Boston Office Managing Principal, Ernst & Young LLP, says:

“The Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence have reimagined the traditional hiring processes and created environments more conducive to the needs of a neurodivergent individual that unlock tremendous talent potential.”

(source: EY)


Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs started a paid 8-week internship for neurodiverse people in 2019. This program encourages people with ADHD (and autism) to get experience in the banking industry. Usually for roles in the engineering, operations, or compliance divisions.

A debt capital markets banker who worked at Goldman Sachs for 10+ years told eFinancialCareers that “Goldman’s trading floor was full of people with ADHD.”

He also said:

“People with ADHD thrive at places like Goldman. – We’re fine if you give us a mission and make the most of our creativity and determination to achieve what might at first seem impossible. We don’t work so well when we’re left to our own devices in the sort of cutthroat atmosphere that prevailed at places like Lehman. – ADHD sufferers can be emotionally volatile, and aggressive corporate cultures don’t help.”

(source: eFinancialCareers)



Neurodiversity@IBM Thought Leader Andrew Williams said:

“In IBM, we embrace neurodivergents within the organization and also drive forward a hiring program to target neurodivergent professionals with a focus to embrace Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette syndrome, and other neurological differences as skills. Candidates in this list reflect this type of progressive engagement.”

(source: LinkedIn)

IBM’s career page has a special focus on hiring people with ADHD (and many other neurological differences).

And, the program has an interesting name…DiversAbility.

DiversAbility at IBM means a dedication “to hiring, supporting, educating and embracing people of all abilities.”


JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase & Co is switching up their interview process to cater to candidates with ADHD (and Tourette Syndrome). The new format includes a series of pymetrics games that help match candidates to roles. They also get a detailed report showing the talents they already possess.

Here’s how it works:

“Pymetrics leverages advanced technology to help JPMorgan Chase look beyond your resume and understand more about your natural strengths to identify which roles you are most likely to succeed in. 

You’ll play a series of 12 games that measure the attributes that make you, you! There are no right or wrong answers – we’re looking at how you approach problems, not specific solutions.”

(source: JP Morgan Chase’s careers page)



Microsoft’s Neurodiversity Hiring Program focuses on hiring people with ADHD (and other neurodiversities). The program offers full-time roles for students and people with a degree.

Microsoft’s main goal:

“to build an inclusive hiring approach that recognizes and embraces the strengths of Neurodiverse candidates.  Neurodiversity encompasses a wide range of cognitive differences, such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia & dyscalculia.”

(source: Microsoft Neurodiversity Hiring Program)

Note: The Neurodiversity In The Modern Workplace is a great guide if you need more details on neurodiverse hiring and supporting neurodiverse employees (once you have them on-board). 

Why I Wrote This:

Hiring people with ADHD doesn’t have to be difficult. Ongig’s mission is to help remove bias from your job descriptions so you can be more inclusive to neurodiverse candidates. If you’d like a cloud-based software tool to write more inclusive job content, check out Ongig’s Text Analyzer.



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