Facebook has a massive 1.7+ billion active monthly users which means your company should be actively recruiting on this social network. Here are 10 ways you can turn your Facebook careers page into a recruiting machine:

1. Create a separate Facebook Page dedicated to Careers

Recruiting and careers are such big efforts for companies there should be pages specifically dedicated to them on social media. With a Facebook page dedicated to careers you are able to stay on-topic and cover all the aspects that go into attracting, recruiting, and hiring new talent. Things aren’t as simple anymore, employers are increasingly having to sell the candidate on their company.

2. Make your cover image unique and engaging

The first thing people will see when they visit your Facebook careers page will likely be your cover photo. Make sure it’s creative, appealing, and articulates your company’s values and brand. Nestlé does a great job of this.

Nestle Facebook Careers Page Cover Image Ongig Blog


3. Add a call-to-action button:

Facebook offers a free call-to-action button for company career pages. There are 5 call-to-action options which are “Call Now”, “Contact Us”, “Send Message”, “Send E-mail”, “Learn More”, and “Sign Up”.

How to? Click the blue button that says “Add a button” under the right side of the cover image.

Facebook Career PAge Call to action ongig blog 2


4. Add a reviews and ratings section to your page

Part of building a reputable and trustworthy employer brand is having a channel where employees and others can give reviews, ratings, and feedback. Encourage employees to give their two cents to get the ball rolling.

How to? Go into the “General Settings” menu and click on the reviews section and allow visitors to review the page.

Reviews and Ratings Facebook Careers Page Ongig Blog


5. Showcase your programs and initiatives

Many companies have programs for diversity, military, and other initiatives. It’s great to showcase these programs on career pages like these. Not only will this help with attracting candidates from those segments, it also builds up your employer brand.

Shaw Industries Programs Ongig Blog


6. Publish/produce different types of content

This one seems simple enough, but a lot of companies focus on only one type of content, creating a visually dull Facebook wall. Mix it up! Get creative! Post pictures, videos, and articles in unique ways. Look at what Oracle did with their employee testimonials: Oracle’s Employer Testimonial On Instagram Wins by a “Landslide”.

Facebook Company Career Posts Ongig Blog


7. Upload your company’s video library to make your Facebook page more content-rich.

Companies with a great employer brand have tons of videos about multiple aspects of their company including employees, workplace, environment, leadership, etc. It’s important to upload these to your Facebook careers page because most of the traffic to that page will be candidates who are interested in your company.

Dell employer branding videos ongig blog 2


8. Add your company’s career Instagram Page:

Recently we published a blog called the 5 Steps to an Employer Branding Strategy For Instagram where we recommended making an IG account strictly for showcasing your culture, workplace, and environment. Link your IG account to your Facebook careers page to maximize the exposure of your employer brand.

How to? Add your Instagram account information to your Facebook careers page by simple clicking the “Manage Tabs” text on the left hand menu.

Instagram Feed Facebook Careers Page Ongig Blog


9. List events that your company is attending or hosting

It’s always good to provide a schedule in case people want more information or want to see what your company is about in person.

How to? Hover over the more button and the drop down menu will provide a list, click “Create Event”.

Create Event Facebook Careers Page Ongig Blog


10. Facebook Live

This is a newer feature introduced by Facebook and because it’s new it could really give you step up in the pursuit for new talent. Try things like recording live from recruiting events, recording live from fun corporate outings, or organizing an employee round table.

Facebook Live Recruiting Ongig Blog

11. Reply promptly to comments and questions that are posted

Part of keeping candidates engaged and focused on your company is being responsive. When someone leaves a comment or asks a question, that means they are interested and it would be smart to respond as soon as possible. Facebook also has the messenger feature that allows you to have a full conversation through their app.

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