We’ve seen the evolution of Instagram and it’s popularity in the everyday lives of millions which has led to it being utilized as a promotional/advertising tool . This also creates a unique opportunity for companies to visually showcase their culture, workplace, and environment enabling an employer branding aspect that has yet to be fully exploited by employers.

Here are a few employer branding strategies to utilize on Instagram:

1. Create a “Life At” or “Team” Instagram account for your company

Many companies have an Instagram account for advertising and promotional purposes, usually featuring new products, features, or campaigns. Creating a separate account for company culture and environment will help with the reach and exposure of your company as an employer.

Life at Instagram Accounts

2. Keep a smartphone camera handy and ready to use at company outings, conferences, and workplace.

Always encourage your team to have a smartphone ready to snap some pictures not only at company wide events but even on a normal day at the office.

Candidates want to see what everyday life looks like at your company.  Not only will this help with efforts to brand your workplace and culture you’ll have material to share with potential candidates in your recruiting efforts.

Smartphone Picture 2

3. Create unique visuals with employee testimonials

We’ve touched on employee testimonials in Oracle’s Employer Testimonial On Instagram Wins by a “Landslide” and it’s a great idea to feature these on your company Instagram account (Oracle does a great job). This creates a way to get employees involved in your social media strategy as well as providing social proof for your employer brand.

Oracle Employee Testimonial Instagram

4. Take advantage of trending topics, in order to increase exposure.

Hashtags are a way of life in this day in age.

If you are a company that believes in themed or dress up days, coordinate them with real life events and post them on Instagram. A couple of popular days that come to mind are Halloween (Left), Christmas (Middle), and Easter (Right).

Holiday Instagram Pictures

Other more trendy niche themed days that could get you more exposure that aren’t as popular as mainstream holidays (where your posts could get buried under millions of others) are Star Wars Day, Health Week, Mother’s Day, etc…

Niche Instagram Holidays

 5. Don’t forget Videos!

Ever since Instagram brought video into the picture it’s been a great way to increase views and visibility. Instagram has even upped their video post time to 1-minute long allowing you to take longer video in order to express and show more.

Here are a couple of bigger companies that dedicated their Instagram accounts to their employer branding strategy:

Asana (IG: @teamasana)

Team Asana Instagram

Dell (IG: @dell)

Dell Instagram

Oracle (IG: @oracle)

Oracle Instagram

Spotify (IG: @spotifyjobs)

Spotify Instagram Feed

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