The hiring process could be smoother. You have to source for candidates, write job descriptions, interview the candidates, ensure proper new employee onboarding, and more. And getting perfect candidates isn’t easy.

So, this is where a recruitment platform like Workable comes in. Hiring software simplifies the recruitment process by automating most of the HR tasks. So what are some Workable alternatives that you can use?

In this article, we’ll take a look at why Workable is a good recruitment software. But it’s not the only option available, we’ll discuss 7 other workable alternatives to consider.

Workable Alternatives: Why use a tool like Workable?

Workable makes it easy for you to simplify the entire recruitment process. The software can help with writing job descriptions with AI assistance, sourcing, hiring, onboarding your new hires, and interview scheduling.

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  • Workable helps you source, attract, and hire qualified candidates by posting your job posts on 200+ job boards.
  • Makes it easy for you to collaborate with other hiring managers.
  • With workable, you can recruit in your local languages.
  • With the tool, you can give your employees a smooth onboarding experience.
  • The software provides E-sign documents to help you complete the hiring process without relying on other software.


Workable offers a 15-day free trial. Plus, they have a starter plan at $149 per month, a standard plan at $299 per month, and a $599 standard plan at $599 per month.

While Workable offers a range of user-friendly features, there are similar job descriptions and recruiting software you’ll find useful too.

Here are 7 Workable alternatives to consider for your HR tech stack.

Workable Alternatives — Recruiting & Job Descriptions

A job description is the first thing candidates see during their job search. And the overall recruitment process informs them whether to take up your job offer or not. So you want to ensure you’re providing a good candidate experience.

Here are 7 Workable alternatives to make your hiring journey easy:

1. Workable Alternatives – #1: Ongig

Ongig’s mission is to eliminate biased job descriptions. 

Ongig’s Text Analyzer flags all types of biases such as race, age, gender, disability, mental health, etc. that you might find in your job descriptions. This is done using its built-in “Exclusionary Words” list (with over 10,000 phrases). 

Then the tool offers inclusive synonyms. So, you can easily use them to replace biased words. For instance, here’s an example of age bias flagged by our Text Analyzer software:

workable alternatives ongig


  • AI writing for creating job postings fast
  • Analyzes job descriptions in real-time
  • Checking different types of bias eg gender, race, disability, LGBTQ, and more
  • Optimizes job description titles and length
  • Flags items that get you on the wrong side of employment laws
  • Has a paragraph analyzer to help write short sentences
  • Highlights overuse of adverbs and bullets


With our recent update, creating job postings from scratch has become easier. So, just type in a job title, and our AI-powered JD writer will do the rest. Here’s how it works:

  1. Input Job Title: First, open a new job, click “Write Sample,” and type in your job title, like “Software Engineer”.
  2. Generate JD: Secondly, select any sections you want to include based on your custom templates, after that, click “Generate Now”.
  3. AI Content Creation: Then Text Analyzer uses AI to write a detailed JD, ready to edit.
  4. Optimize Content: Plus, you can reduce any biased words and simplify sentences by clicking “Optimize Content” and “Rewrite Now”. Then watch your job score increase.
  5. Increase Gender Neutrality: Replace feminine words with gender-neutral alternatives to improve your job description inclusivity.
  6. View Changes: Moreover, compare versions by clicking “View Changes” before finishing your edits.
  7. Export Options: Easily export your optimized job posting to HTML, Word, or PDFL. And, professional and premium plans offer API integration for easy ATS integration.

So to enhance your recruitment workflow with our new Text Analyzer features, request a demo.


Ongig’s Text Analyzer’s pricing starts at $17,900 per year and is based on feature and job volume needs.

2. Workable Alternatives – #2: Datapeople

Datapeople helps recruitment teams write clear, compelling job descriptions proven to attract qualified candidates and fill faster. Plus, it points out confusing and unclear job titles organizations use. Then, it suggests better words to use.


workable alternatives datapeople
  • Analyzes job descriptions for inclusivity
  • Helps write inclusive job descriptions
  • Provides a job score to help you know how well your job ad will perform
  • Provides recruiting insights to help you hire better


Datapeople offers a free 3-day trial, with custom pricing based on a quotation model.

3. Workable Alternatives – #3: ClearCompany

ClearCompany is an applicant tracking software that helps hiring teams hire faster and smarter. The tool automates most of the hiring tasks. Thus, making it easy for you to give your candidates an excellent experience.


workable alternatives clearcompany
  • Helps you recruit, onboard, and train your employees
  • Makes your performance management process easy
  • Supports your DEIB activities
  • Makes your workforce planning process easy


ClearCompany doesn’t list their pricing on their website, request a personalized quote. They also provide a free quote to help you decide if it’s a fit.

4. Workable Alternatives – #4: Jobsoid

Jobsoid is an HR tool that helps you automate tasks, manage applicants, and post your jobs on a variety of job boards.

The platform also offers free job description templates you can customize according to the position you want to hire for. Plus they provide email templates and scheduling tools to help you talk to your applicants easily.

workable alternatives jobsoid


  • Helps you create branded career sites to attract candidates
  • Makes it easy to engage your candidates by providing personalized emails, and SMS messages using templates
  • Makes the interview scheduling process easy


Jobsoid has a free trial plan. They have other three trial methods consisting of:

  1. Lite plan for $59 per month
  2. Standard plan $199 per month
  3. Pro plan $299 per month

5. Workable Alternatives – #5: JobAdder

JobAdder makes your recruitment process easy by helping you attract, screen candidates, and manage your interviews. Plus with JobAdder, you can create and edit your job descriptions, including responsibilities, qualifications, job titles, and salary ranges.

And the platform also lets you distribute your job posts across different job boards.

workable alternatives jobadder


  • Helps you write your job ad once and distribute it across multiple platforms
  • Provides AI skill matching to help you discover top candidates
  • Provides hiring insights to help you simplify your recruitment process


The platform offers flexible plans for all businesses. Request for a discovery demo to get a quote.

6. Workable Alternatives – #6: Textio

Textio uses AI to analyze and improve the language used in job descriptions. Hence making the JDs effective and more inclusive at attracting a diverse pool of candidates.

So, Textio’s algorithm checks for unconscious bias in language such as gendered words and phrases. 

workable alternatives textio

Then it provides alternative terms to make the JD more inclusive.


  • Optimizing job posts for inclusivity
  • Helps you know how to communicate your employer’s brand
  • Provides Textio Score feature, to help you know how your job post is going to perform
  • Helps hiring teams write new hiring content quickly


Textio’s pricing is determined by your number of open jobs. But to get a plan, request for a demo.

7. Workable Alternatives – #7: Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a job description management software that enables organizations to create and manage job listings, track candidate applications, and schedule interviews in one platform. 

In addition, it offers hiring analytics to help you know where you have to improve. It also provides employee onboarding services. So, they offer services to small businesses and enterprise companies.

workable alternatives breezyhr


  • Attracting candidates and showcasing open positions to different sites
  • Simplifying the screening process to screen more candidates in less time
  • Provision of reporting and analytics insights to improve your hiring process


Breezy HR allows you to select whether you want to be billed annually or monthly. So, if you opt for the annual subscription, you get a 2-month discount worth of subscription fees. The organization also offers a 14-day free trial ( no credit card information required).

Once the trial expires, you can select any of the plans below:

  • Bootstrap: Free
  • Startup: $157 per month
  • Growth: $273 per month
  • Business: $439 per month


Ongig’s mission is to help you write inclusive job descriptions free of racial, disability, gendered bias, and more. So, book a demo today to learn how you can write the best job descriptions with our Text Analyzer software.


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