Did you know that 220,000+ people per month search Google with a question about being non-binary? This tells me loads of people are asking Google for answers about:

what non binary terms mean OR being non binary themselves OR what to call someone who identifies as non-binary

Many of the non binary questions are similar…asking the same question, differently…or using related words and acronyms (e.g., genderfluid or enby). So I created a mini-glossary of terms.

Here’s the raw list of questions from Google (my mini-glossary is below it):

75 of the most-searched non binary questions

  1. What is non binary? (89,000 queries per month)
  2. What is genderqueer? (12,000/mo)
  3. What is a non binary person? (8,400/mo)
  4. What does it mean to be non-binary? (5,700)
  5. What is non binary gender? (4,600/mo)
  6. What is non-binary? (4,600/mo)
  7. What does enby mean? (4,400/mo)
  8. What is enby? (4,000/mo)
  9. What is genderfluid? (3,500/mo)
  10. What is non binary gender identification? (3,300/mo)
  11. What is an enby? (2,600/mo)
  12. What is non-binary gender? (900/mo)
  13. What is the definition of non binary? (900/mo)
  14. How do you know if you re non binary? (900/mo)
  15. What does it mean to be non binary sexually? (700/mo)
  16. What is non binary child? (700/mo)
  17. What percentage of the population is non binary? (600/mo)
  18. What is a non binary? (600/mo)
  19. What is an enby person? (600/mo)
  20. What is non binary pansexual? (500/mo)
  21. What is enby mean? (500/mo)
  22. What is a non-binary person? (400/mo)
  23. What do you call a non binary sibling? (350/mo)
  24. What is gender fluid vs non binary? (250/mo)
  25. What does NB mean in LGBTQ? (200)
  26. What are some non binary names? (200)
  27. What is gender non binary? (150/mo)
  28. How do I know if I am non binary? (150/mo)
  29. How long has non binary been around? (150/mo)
  30. How do you know if you’re non binary? (150/mo)
  31. What does non binary mean urban dictionary? (150/mo)
  32. What are non binary parents called? (150/mo)
  33. What does it feel like to be non binary? (150/mo)
  34. What pronouns do non binary use? (100/mo)
  35. What is a non binary trans person? (100/mo)
  36. What does enby pride mean? (100/mo)
  37. How many non binary in US? (100/mo)
  38. What is a genderfluid? (100/mo)
  39. What is non binary transgender? (100/mo)
  40. What pecentage of the population is genderqueer? (90/mo)
  41. What is non binary person? (80/mo)
  42. What is non binary gender? (80/mo)
  43. What is genderqueer mean? (80/mo)
  44. What do you call a non binary neice? (80/mo)
  45. What do non binary people look like? (80/mo)
  46. What celebrities are non binary? (80/mo)
  47. What are non binary genders? (60/mo)
  48. What is non binary transition? (50/mo)
  49. What percentage of the american population is non binary? (50/mo)
  50. What is non binary sexuality? (50/mo)
  51. What does it mean to be non-binary? (40/mo)
  52. What is non-binary person? (40/mo)
  53. What is it like to be genderfluid? (40)
  54. What is non-binary gender? (40/mo)
  55. What the heck is non binary? (40/mo)
  56. What do you call someone who is non binary? (40/mo)
  57. Why are non binary pronouns plural? (40/mo)
  58. What is trans non binary? (40/mo)
  59. What is gender non-binary? (40/mo)
  60. What is the difference between non binary and gender non conforming? (30/mo)
  61. What is non-binary sexuality? (30/mo)
  62. What is genderqueer non-binary panromantic asexual? (30/mo)
  63. What is amab non binary? (30/mo)
  64. What is the difference between gender non conforming and non binary? (30/mo)
  65. What is genderqueer non binary panromantic asexual? (30/mo)
  66. What is non-binary pride? (30/mo)
  67. What is non binary gender dysphoria (30/mo)
  68. What is a genderfluid person? (20/mo)
  69. What is being non binary? (20/mo)
  70. What is the difference between genderqueer and gender fluid? (20/mo)
  71. What is non-binary femme? (10/mo)
  72. What is non binary femme? (10/mo)
  73. What is it like to be non binary? (10/mo)
  74. What is afab nonbinary? (10/mo)
  75. What are pronouns for genderfluid? (5/mo)

Answers to your non binary questions

Here’s my mini glossary that might help give clarity to the non binary questions above:

afab/amab Assigned Female/Male At Birth, refers to intersex people born with ambiguous genitals. Its also used by trans and non-binary people.”

Enby is an abbreviation used for a non binary person in the LGBTQ community. It’s a phonetic pronunciation of NB, short for nonbinary, or people who do not identify their gender as male or female.”

Femme is a gender identity where a person has an awareness of cultural standards of femininity and actively carries out a feminine appearance or role.”

Gender Dysphoria is a phrase used to describe a feeling of discomfort that occurs in people whose gender identity differs from their birth assigned sex.”

Gender Expression means that a person shows external displays of gender (masculine or feminine) based on one or more of the following:

  • dress
  • demeanor
  • social behavior”

Genderfluid means a person who is gender fluid changes their gender over time or may switch between dressing as male or female day-to-day.”

Gender Identity means a person’s perception of their gender. Gender Identity may or may not correspond with their birth assigned sex.”

Gender Non-Conforming sometimes called Gender-Variant is a term used to describe a person who does not conform to society’s expectations of gender expression.”

Genderqueer is a term for people who non-biary gender identities”

Non-Binary is a term used to describe people who identify with a gender that is not exclusively male or female or is in between both genders.”

Panromantic Asexual describes people who rarely or never feel sexual attraction, but they can feel romantically attracted to people of any gender.”

Pansexual is a term used to describe a person who has an attraction to a person regardless of where they fall on the gender or sexuality spectrum.”

Pronouns (in the context of diversity) are consciously chosen phrases that people use to represent their gender identity (e.g., they, them for people who are non binary).”

Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender expression or identity is different from their assigned sex at birth.”

Transition, in terms of diversity, is a process that people go through to change their physical appearance or gender expression through surgery or using hormones to align with their gender identity.”

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