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If you’re looking for a comprehensive updated list of top recruiting and HR conferences, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for talent acquisition specific conferences Ongig just published the Top Talent Acquisition Conferences 2017.

Note: Conferences are listed in chronological order. List is updated periodically.

2017 HR People and Strategy Annual Conference (Apr. 23-26 in Miami, FL)

  • The Use of Design Thinking for Human Resources
  • The Rise of New Employment Models
  • The Growing Importance of Collaboration at Work
  • Managing an All-Inclusive, Diverse, Global Talent Market
  • Preparing HR to Lead the Evolving Organization


Thrive 2017 HR Agents of Change: Driving Organizational Growth & Talent Transformation (May 11-12 in Las Vegas, NV)

  • Re-calibrate company culture so it supports business goals and employee retention
  • Inspire and motivate your workforce to new levels excellence through incentives, brand messaging and other proven best practices
  • Refresh your traditional organizational model to encourage more diversity and inclusion
  • Employ appropriate HR metrics to measure the impact of your initiatives and prove ROI to stakeholders
  • Leverage Big Data to make more informed talent decisions


Predictive Analytics World for Workforce (May 14-18 in San Francisco, CA)

Predictive Analytics World Workforce - Ongig Blog
  • Optimizing the workforce planning process using predictive analytics
  • How to use predictive analytics to help hire top workforce data scientists
  • Identifying top and bottom performers during the recruiting process
  • The State of Predictive Analytics for Workforce Enterprise Applications


Indeed Interactive 2017 (May 15-17 in Austin, TX)

Indeed Interactive 2017 - Ongig Blog
  • Job seekers’ perspectives on the hiring process
  • Processing and making rational hiring decisions
  • Emphasizing human side of talent attraction
  • Creating a culture of inclusion
  • The next generation of the job search


EBrandCon Employer Branding Strategies Conference (May 16-18 in Chicago, IL)

EBrandCon Employer Branding Strategies Logo - Ongig Blog
  • Employer Branding best practices and the future
  • Employer Branding strategies to attract women
  • Creating great employer brand content
  • How to build a brand that changes candidate perceptions
  • Branding strategies for smaller companies


WorkHuman 2017 Recruiting Conference (May 30-Jun. 1 in Phoenix, AZ)

Workhuman 2017 Recruiting Conference Logo - Ongig Blog
  • Building an ongoing pipeline for talent
  • Developing a high-performance culture that fosters a high-level of employee engagement
  • Differentiating your company to better attract people with culture as a key driver
  • Shaping and affecting sourcing, recruiting, and brand strategy
  • Effectively managing a multi-generational, diverse workforce


Recruiter Nation Live Hosted by Jobvite (Jun. 5-7 in San Francisco, CA)

Recruiter Nation Live 2017 - Ongig Blog
  • Proven practices to an effective candidate referral program
  • Winning strategies to retain top talent
  • Aligning your recruiting strategy with transparency
  • Proven strategies in social media and digital recruiting campaigns
  • Inbound recruitment best practices
  • Delivering a stellar candidate experience


SHRM17 Annual Conference & Exposition (Jun. 18-21 in New Orleans, LA)

SHRM 17 Annual Conference Logo - Ongig Blog
  • Tried-and-true HR fundamentals
  • Unique insight into the innovative new practices that will change how the world does business
  • Trends, new strategies, and innovations in HR
  • Discovering innovative products and services is necessary to stay competitive in today’s business world

Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference (Jun. 27-28 in Seattle, WA)

Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference Logo
  • Creating a “workplace of the future”
  • Rethinking the approach to hiring and diversity
  • Tech recruiting for start-ups (low budget, no brand)
  • Creating a more targeted funnel (skinnier) to improve conversions
  • Recruiting tech stacks and what to use


Careerbuilder For Employers: Empower 2017 (Sept. 5-7 in Chicago, IL)

Careerbuilder Empower 2017
  • Improving employment screening process.
  • HCM Strategy.
  • Top trends in the world of work.
  • Employee experience and technology.
  • Transforming recruitment with new technology.
  • Staffing and recruiting trends.

ERE Media: Sourcecon for Sourcers and Recruiters (Sept. 25-27 in Austin, TX)

ERE Media Sourcecon Logo - Ongig Blog
  • How to be the best Talent Acquisition Partner to your hiring manager
  • Measuring and tracking sourcing
  • Sourcing  Hack-a-thon
  • Advanced Candidate Data Scraping and Candidate Engagement
  • Building Google Custom Search Engines (CSE) for prospecting


Human Resource Executive: HR Technology Conference (Oct. 10-13 in Las Vegas, NV)

Human Resource Executive HR Technology Logo - Ongig Blog
  • Agenda and key points have yet to be released.


2017 HCInnovation@Work Conference (Oct. 24-26 in Scottsdale, AZ)

HCI Innovation at Work Conference - Ongig Blog
  • Attracting the talent you need for the culture you want
  • Designing a great engaging employee experience
  • Driving innovation through collaboration and innovative teams


Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Expo (Nov. 28-30 in Palm Beach County, FL)

  • New innovative recruiting strategies
  • Transforming the way talent is sourced with HR technology
  • Developing strategies that will attract and engage the right candidates
  • Creatively identifying new talent pools to find your next great hires.

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