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HR conferences are a great place to learn about the latest tools and listen to industry experts.

This year is projected for even more HR conferences than in 2019.

So we put together the ultimate list of human resource conferences to attend in 2020.

Table of Contents: (Note: Click on a link to scroll to a specific month)

P.S. This post will be updated as new conferences and agendas are announced.


HR Conferences in January

Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (Jan. 28-30 in San Francisco, CA)

  • Integrating Tools to Scale Your Process
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Measure Your Impact
  • Bridging the Gap: the Sourcer-recruiter Partnership


Employer Branding Strategies Conference (Jan. 28-30 in San Francisco, CA)

employer branding strategies conference logo
  • How to Gain Employee Buy-in to Your Employer Values
  • Getting to the ROI of employer branding
  • Employee Engagement and Talent Assessment


Talent Sourcing Strategies Conference (Jan. 28-30 in San Francisco, CA)

Talent sourcing strategies summit logo
  • Human-to-Human: Engage Passive Candidates with Real Connections
  • Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign to Attract the Right Candidates
  • Personalization & Automation: the Future of Sourcing and Talent Identification


HR Conferences in February

Engage.Talent (Feb. 6 in Dallas, TX)

engage talent conference logo
  • Impact of Company Culture on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
  • Recruiting and Retaining Top Originators
  • Hiring Digital Talent in a Competitive Market
  • Recruiting and Retaining Women in Leadership Roles
  • The Battle for Talent


#HIRE20 (Feb. 11-12 in San Francisco, CA)

Hiring Success 2020 logo
  • The future of people in recruiting
  • Data, analytics, and reporting for Talent Acquisition
  • Jazzing up your candidate experience


HR Conferences in March

LAX TechRecruit Conference (Mar. 5 in Los Angeles, CA)

LAX Techrecruit logo
  • Bringing together top industry veterans to discuss best recruitment practices in the tech industry.
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Employer branding strategy


HRWest 2020 (Mar. 9 in Oakland, CA)

HR west 2020 logo
  • Creating a Culture of Courage: The HR Silver Bullet
  • Executive Roundtables
  • California HR Excellence Awards
  • Find Your Voice, Shape The Future


SourceCon Spring 2020 (Mar. 23-25 in Seattle, WA)

Sourcecon logo
  • Sourcing productivity
  • The anatomy of a great sourcer
  • How to identify a “talented” sourcer, how to handle the sourcers in your team
  • Finding passive candidates
  • The secret to email recruiting success
  • Structuring your sourcing team for success


HR Transform (Mar. 23-25 in Las Vegas, NV)

HR transform conference logo
  • GROWing the Next Generation of HR Leaders
  • Analyzing Profitability of Employee Experience
  • Talent Wins: A Conversation With Founder & CPO Partners
  • Building an HR Organization for Tomorrow
  • Next Gen People Analytics
  • Is Working on Culture Getting in the Way of DE&I?


HR Conferences in April

ERE Recruiting Conference (Apr. 15-17 in San Diego, CA)

ERE logo
  • Recruiting for changing a workplace dynamic
  • Acquiring next-gen talent
  • Recruitment artificial intelligence best practices
  • Creating an employee-advocacy program
  • Creative sourcing strategies and techniques
  • Data-driven talent acquisition
  • Best practices for attracting diverse talent
  • Total salary transparency and employer branding


SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition (Apr. 20-22 in Orlando, FL)

shrm talent conference and exhibition logo
  • Agenda TBA


STRIVE 2020 (Apr. 28-29 in Chicago, IL)

STRIVE 2020 logo
  • Agenda TBA


HR Conferences in May

NYC TechRecruit Conference (May 7 in New York City, NY)

LAX Techrecruit logo
  • Sourcing intelligence tools
  • Sourcing with social media
  • Re-engineering the recruitment process
  • Disabilities hiring
  • Employer branding with videos
  • Recruitment marketing automation


URx Conference (May 7-8 in San Francisco, CA)

URx hr conference logo
  • Automation: A Recruiting Teams Best Friend
  • Creating a culture of inclusive recruiting in your talent program
  • Workshop: #Hacking Your Diversity Recruitment Strategy Through Strategic Thinking
  • Employer Branding sessions
  • Recruiting sessions
  • Development sessions


Indeed Interactive (May 11-13 in Austin, TX)

Indeed Interactive 2020 logo
  • The Better World of Work
  • Solving the hiring challenges of the present, and the future
  • Connect with your peers in the talent acquisition industry


Unleash America (May 12-13 in Las Vegas, NV)

Unleash America logo
  • Future employment models
  • Overcoming unconscious bias through tech
  • Blueprints for a better tech stack
  • Bridging HR and marketing
  • Untapped talent pools
  • Rebooting employer brand


RecruitCon 20′ (May 13-15 in Denver, CO)

RecruitCon 2020 logo
  • Recruitment Marketing Strategy Design + Build: How to Think
  • Tips and best practices for recruitment video production
  • Recruiting hacks with actionable tips on how to make your life as a recruiter a whole lot easier.
  • Avoiding Flat Candidate Experiences That Could Sink Your Hiring Ship
  • How to Avoid Bias


Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech (May 13-15 in Las Vegas, NV)

Recruiting trends and talent tech logo
  • Learn innovative recruiting strategies
  • How technology is being used to transform the way talent is sourced, hired and brought into their organization
  • Best practices and proven strategies to enhance your candidate experience


HR Conferences in June

HR Tech Summit (Jun. 2-3 in Toronto)

HRTech Summit logo
  • Enabling a Human-Focused Approach to HR Through Automation
  • Leveraging Technology to Increase Employee Engagement
  • Leveraging Technology to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
  • Attracting Millennials & Gen Zs in a Tech Savvy World


Talent42 2020  (Jun. 16-17 in Seattle, WA)

Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference Logo
  • Perfect storm of data
  • Tech recruiting for the upside down
  • Technical recruiting workshop
  • Scaling recruiting to support high growth tech hiring


Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference (Jun. 22-24 in Everett, MA)

strategic talent acquisition conference logo
  • Finding new or previously overlooked sources of talent
  • Identifying and removing unnecessary roadblocks in your TA technology and processes
  • Exploring new techniques and technologies to generate recruiting insights
  • Revamp and re-prioritize your talent pipeline strategy to find more high-quality candidates


Jobg8 Summit 2020 (Jun. 25-26 in San Diego, CA)

  • Agenda TBA


HR Conferences in September

Talent Acquisition Evolution Conference (Sept. 2 in Cincinnati, OH)

  • Agenda TBA


HR Conferences in October

HR Technology Conference & Exposition (Oct. 13-16 in Las Vegas, NV)

Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference 2018
  • Agenda TBA


International HR Conferences

If you’re looking for HR conference outside of the U.S. check out Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood Big List of Events. It’s an awesome spreadsheet he puts together every year. Countries included (other than the US) are UK, Spain, South Africa, Denmark, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Barcelona.


Need Sign-off From Leadership

Here’s a template you can use for a letter to leadership to justify attending any HR conference. Just fill-in the bracketed words with your specific conference details:

Hello [Decision Maker],

Re: Request to Attend [HR Conference]

I’d like to request your approval to attend [HR conference], [date] in [city]. It’s the best opportunity this year to network with and learn from HR, TA, and recruiting leaders and peers.

I plan on spending my time identifying solutions and best practices to help drive the following initiatives:

  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]
  • This [HR Conference] is packed with [x] days of learning, including:

[List at least 5 things you plan to learn about]

Here’s the approximate cost breakdown:

Airfare: $ XX
Transportation: $ XX
Hotel: $ XX
Conference registration: $ XX
Training/Certification Fee: $ XX
Total: $ XXX

I am confident that my time at [name of HR Conference] will help us drive better productivity and results for the team to meet our recruiting and hiring goals this year.

I’d like to register before prices increase. Thank you for your consideration.




Why I wrote this

HR conferences are a great way to network with peers and learn about new recruiting strategies that are working for others.

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