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Here’s a list of  top upcoming Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Recruiting conferences, events and expos of 2018.

We’ll update this as new conferences and dates are announced.


Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (Jan. 31-Feb. 2 in San Francisco, CA)

 Social Recruiting Strategies Conference 2018 Logo

  • Future of recruiting with AI
  • Cool and new tools for recruiting in 2018
  • Driving successful talent acquisition in a high-growth global digital environment
  • Recruiting content that converts
  • Digital strategies to attract and close candidates
  • Building and scaling company culture


TATech Leadership Summit on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition (Feb. 12-13 in Scottsdale, AZ)

 TATech Leadership Summit on AI and ML
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Recruitment
  • Capabilities of AI-Based Recruiting Products
  • Impact of AI on Candidate and Recruiter’s Experience


ERE Sourcecon Spring 2018 (Feb. 26-28 in Las Vegas, NV)

ERE Sourcecon 2018 Logo
  • Tactical sourcing tips
  • Sourcing candidates on all social networks
  • Sourcing on Facebook
  • Human element of sourcing and recruiting
  • Candidate personas
  • Sourcing through marketing online and offline activities
  • Recruiting Hack-a-thon


HR Metrics and Analytics Summit (Feb. 26-28 in Orlando, FL)

HR Metrics and Analytics Summit 2018 Logo
  • Winning the talent race with data-driven recruiting
  • Calibrate and optimize recruiting campaigns
  • Weigh the pros and cons of developing skills in house versus hiring
  • Tips for gathering, integrating and validating relevant data for current talent pipeline
  • Employee Engagement metrics


2018 Workforce Planning and People Analytics Conference (Feb. 27 – Mar. 1 in Miami, FL)

Workforce Planning and People Analytics Conference Logo
  • Actionable workforce insights that drives growth
  • Latest in people analytics & workforce planning
  • How to best use people analytics to align your organizations with the business strategy.
  • The connection between talent and business success


SmartRecruiters Hiring Success 18 (Mar. 12-14 in San Francisco, CA)

Smartrecruiters Hiring Success 18 Logo
  • Metrics of candidate experience
  • How to measure hiring success
  • The evolution of talent acquisition function
  • How to extend brand into recruiting
  • Employer branding in an era of transparency
  • Marketing for talent acquisition


ERE Recruiting Conference: Enterprise Talent Acquisition Recruiting that Scales – Spring 2018(Apr. 2-4 in San Diego, CA)

ERE Recruiting Conference 2018 Logo
  • 12 Principles for recruiting success
  • 360 degree view of your employer brand
  • The future of video in recruitment
  • Personal and professional branding for talent attraction
  • Proactive recruiting, not reactive recruiting
  • Measuring diversity and inclusion recruiting
  • Steps to transform talent acquisition


Greenhouse Open Conference 18′ (Apr. 2-4 in NYC)

Greenhouse Open Conference 2018 Logo
  • The Science of Hiring: Data and your decision making
  • The role of today’s Chief People Officer
  • Modern recruiting with CRMs and talent pools
  • Hiring future: Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Beyond the job descriptions: Career page workshop


WorkHuman 2018 (Apr. 2-5 in Austin, TX)

Workhuman 2018 Logo
  • Workforce diversity
  • A new approach to Employee Experience
  • Building internal brand to build your external employer brand
  • The influence of culture keepers
  • Acquiring, motivating and developing leaders
  • Analytics for people leaders


SHRM HR People and Strategy Conference (Apr. 22-25 in Scottsdale, AZ)

SHRM People and Strategy Conference 2018 Logo
  • Aligning business and HR strategy
  • Leveraging human capital analytics to forecast trends and drive decision making
  • Acquiring talent for competitive advantage
  • Developing retention strategies


Talent Tech NEXT Event (May 3 in New York City, NY)

Talent Tech Labs NEXT Logo
  • Innovative technologies changing and accelerating Talent Acquisition
  • Rethink how you select and integrate your recruitment technologies
  • Insightful market intelligence on Talent Acquisition industry


Consero Talent Acquisition & Management Forum (May 6-8 in Pasadena, CA)

Consero Talent Acquisition and Management Forum
  • Recruiting vs. Hiring
  • Creating a memorable employer brand that attracts top talent
  • Developing employees into leaders
  • Case studies that show how using a competency-based approach to talent acquisition deliver financial impact
  • Connecting corporate culture with talent management
  • Leveraging predictive analytics for smarter talent acquisition & management
  • The structure of a well-designed talent acquisition team


RecruitCon 2018: Groundbreaking Talent Strategies for the Future of Business (May 10-11 in Nashville, TN)

Recruitcon 2018 Logo
  • Finding the best matches for your organization
  • Unique benefits, companies are using attract and retain top talent
  • Building a a recruiting operating system
  • New compliance imperatives that impact your talent acquisition policies
  • Improve recruiting initiatives on a budget
  • Attracting the next generation of talent (millennials and Gen Z)
  • New trends in social media and mobile recruiting


Indeed Interactive 2018 (May 14-16 in Austin, TX)

Indeed Interactive 2018 Logo
  • Innovative new hiring strategies
  • Data-driven tips to make your processes more efficient
  • More details to be announced


UNLEASH America 2018 (formerly HR Tech World) (May 15-16 in Las Vegas, NV)

Unleash America 2018 Logo
  • Latest HR Technology
  • The future of work
  • More details to be announced

Employer Branding Strategies Conference (EBrandCon) (May 22-24 in San Diego, CA)

Employer Branding Strategies Conference 2018 Logo
  • Humanizing your employer branding through storytelling
  • Candidate experience and building a great employer brand
  • Using technology to power your employer brand
  • Refreshing your employer brand
  • How to measure your employment brand (employer branding metrics)
  • Treating candidates as consumers
  • Recruitment content that converts


Predictive Analytics World for Workforce (Jun. 4-8, 2018 in Las Vegas)

Predictive Analytics World Workforce 2018 Logo
  • Analytics operations and management
  • What Millennial employees actually value
  • Retaining and optimizing human resources with analytics
  • Predictive modeling and machine learning methods
  • Predicting workforce attrition


HCI: 2018 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference (Jun. 5-7 in Miami, FL)

Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference 2018 Logo
  • Create/personalize talent acquisition roadmap
  • Streamline talent acquisition process with technology
  • Cognitive recruiting and analytics
  • New technology in the sourcing world


Talent 42 Tech Recruiting Conference (Jun. 5-6 in Seattle, WA)

Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference Logo
  • How to be a talent advisor
  • Best practices for talent advisors
  • Recruiting engineers and culture change
  • Latest sourcing programs
  • Engaging top technical talent


Talent Brand Alliance Talent Brand Summit (Jun. 13-14 in Austin, TX)

Talent Brand Alliance Talent Brand Summit
  • Employee Advocacy: How are you engaging your employees to tell their story? (Led by Jennifer Newbill)
  • Personal Growth: What does it take to succeed in a human resources niche that very few organizations can accurately define? (Led by Audra Knight)
  • Content Strategy & Creation: sharing creation (and curation) stories for the usual suspects and some brand new ones. (Led by Charlotte Marshall)
  • Measuring Talent Brand ROI: Recruitment marketing and employer branding ROI (Led by Tiffany Lee)
  • Talent Brand Strategy


SHRM18 Annual Conference & Exposition (Jun. 17-20 in Chicago, IL)

SHRM Annual Conference 2018 Logo
  • How HR leaders can cut costs and drive big results
  • Roadmap to re-inventing human resources
  • What the best CHROs do
  • Benefits of a changing workforce
  • Hiring, onboarding, and retaining military veterans
  • Low cost ideas for employee engagement
  • Human Resource’s role in creating a high-trust culture
  • HR Metrics that matter


Job Board Summit North America 2018 (Jul. 26-27 in Nashville, Tennessee)

Job Board North America Summit 2018 Conference
  • Changes in the recruiting world
  • The impact of net neutrality
  • Talent acquisition leaders expectations from Amazon, Macy’s and Enterprise
  • Recruiting in the Gig Economy
  • How to use AI to enhance productivity


InfluenceHR 2018 (Sept. 10-11 in Las Vegas, NV)

InfluenceHR 2018 Logo
  • Major changes in the HR Technology market
  • HR Technology Investment and HR Buyer Adoption
  • HCM 3.0
  • Converting Leads (candidates)


Human Resource Executive: HR Technology Conference (Sept. 11-14 in Las Vegas, NV)

Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference 2018
  • Women in HR Technology
  • New HR Technology solutions
  • Maximizing talent with performance management
  • Building and maintaining an engaging company culture
  • Applicant Tracking System demonstrations
  • Using big data to drive Human Resources decision-making
  • What’s new and what’s next in HR Technology
  • Digital transformation in HR


ERE Sourcecon Fall 2018 (Sept. 24-26 in Atlanta, GA)

ERE Sourcecon 2018 Logo


Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 (Sept. 26-28 in Houston, TX)

Grace Hopper Celebration Logo
  • The largest event of women technologists
  • Keynotes from women who are founders and CEOs.


Glassdoor Recruit (Sept. 27 in Chicago, IL)

Glassdoor Recruit Logo
  • Reinventing the candidate experience
  • How to eliminate bias to hire the best
  • Job market trends to help you hire


Talent Tech NEXT: Silicon Valley (Sept. 27 in Mountain View, CA)

Talent Tech Next Logo
  • Insightful market intelligence on Talent Technology
  • Discover and interact directly with cutting edge recruiting technologies
  • Developing and executing amazing People processes


LinkedIn Talent Connect 2018 (Oct. 9-11 in Anaheim, CA)

LinkedIn Talent Connect 2018 Logo
  • Details to be announced


ERE Recruiting Conference: A Bold Approach To Talent Acquisition And Leadership – Fall 2018 (Oct. 15-17 in Kissimmee, FL)

ERE Recruiting Conference 2018 Logo
  • Leading Talent Acquisition teams to be more consultative
  • Creating an intriguing Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Strategies to cut down time to fill
  • Candidate experience strategies
  • Creating a winning candidate attraction strategy
  • Streamlining your talent acquisition technology
  • Crafting an inclusive recruiting strategy


HIREconf: The Intersection of Talent Acquisition and Technology (Nov. 7-8 in New York City, NY)

Hireconf logo
  • Uncover practical ways to implement AI and ML into your TA tech stack
  • Learn about the latest tech tools sourcers and recruiters are using to automate their workflow
  • More agenda details coming soon.


There’s another great (and longer) list of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition conferences here by the great Hung Lee.

Conferences with Dates & Locations To Be Announced:



Are there any other important People, HR, TA , or Recruiting Conferences we missed? Comment Below!



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