Congrats to Nestle on their launch of “Candidate Chat with Us” feature on their company career page– it’s a great example of using employees as brand ambassadors.

A candidate visits and sees a “CHAT WITH US” in the upper right hand-corner just as prominent a call-to-action button as the job search button below it (see below).

Candidate chat is a great example of what I call “employee branding” (which is just an easier way to say “Employee Advocacy”.).

First, the candidate clicks the “CHAT WITH US” button:


The candidate is then taken to the candidate chat page where they get to choose from 5 different employee advocates representing different departments/teams at Nestle.


The candidate clicks on whichever employee advocate they want to chat with:


…and types in whatever question they want into the Ask a question chat window:


The Nestle employee advocate then answers the question and the thread can continue back and forth like below:


Other candidates can vote up whether they found the chat useful.

Congrats to the whole Nestle Employer Branding/Talent Acquisition team — nice launch!

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