Contract Management: How to Take Care of Your Active Contracts

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contract management

Keeping track of active contracts helps business owners ensure compliance, while optimizing customer relationships. If you’re a solopreneur, you may find contract management overwhelming. As your business grows, the task can become extensive. No matter what phase of growth your company is in, knowing how to manage contracts helps you stay organized and prepared for… Read more »

What is Job Description Benchmarking?

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job description benchmarking

Job description benchmarking is similar to salary benchmarking, where you study how other companies list their compensation packages. Instead, you’ll study their job descriptions and internal details to ensure you aren’t missing key components to complete tasks successfully.  The idea behind job description benchmarking is to write such a stellar (and pointed) JD that: you’ll… Read more »

The Future of Remote Jobs: What You Need to Know

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future of remote jobs

The future of remote jobs is here, growing faster than ever. As more companies realize the benefits of remote work, we’re seeing increasing demand for workers who operate remotely. All of this has changed due to the recent pandemic. When the workforce suddenly seemed to shift overnight, many companies had to create new policies that… Read more »