Are you using the Lever ATS? Lever is a top ATS among employers in our Top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS Software) in 2020 blog post.

  • Lever Hire
  • Lever Nurture
  • Lever Analytics
  • We’ll focus on Lever’s applicant tracking system since that’s where job pages are generated.

    Now let’s talk about Lever job page overlays.

    What is a Lever Job Page Overlay?

    A job page overlay is a design layer put over an ATS-generated job page (in this case Lever) to make job pages more attractive and engaging to candidates.

    Most ATS-generated job pages are black and white text-based web pages, supplemented with a company logo or two.

    Here’s an example of an out-of-the-box, default Lever ATS job page:

    Lever ATS job page

    A job page overlay allows you to turn that job page into a dynamic marketing page that includes:

    • Video
    • Images
    • Employer Branding — Closer matching to the employer’s color scheme/style sheet
    • Recruiting widgets


    5 Examples of Lever ATS Job Page Overlays


    ArsenalBio Lever Job Page Overlay

    Shopify Lever ATS job page - Ongig

    McGraw-Hill Lever Job Page Overlay

    Shopify Lever ATS job page - Ongig

    Shopify Lever Job Page Overlay

  • The engineering recruiting video in the right-hand rail — A great, targeted message and is full of employees.
  • 2-column text area — Makes the text look shorter (a plus for the reader).
  • Branded careers navigation bar — Matches the corporate site but is also customized with career site topics.
  • Shopify Lever ATS job page - Ongig

    Netflix Lever Job Page Overlay

    • Favorite Features:
      • Branding — Another navigation bar focused on career topics (“Teams”, “Life at Netflix”)
      • Shortened apply form (bottom of page) — Did you know? According to CareerBuilder, 60 percent of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity. You’ll see significant apply rate boost if you can fix this problem.
      • Feature Images

    Netflix Lever ATS job page

    Coursera Lever Job Page Overlay

    • Branding — Colors pop especially in the headline with a nice color scheme.
    • Similar/Recommended Jobs — Saves the candidate a click by showing similar job listings in the right-hand rail.

    Cousera Lever ATS job page overlay

    Options for Adding Job Page Overlays To Lever ATS Job Pages

    • In-house developers and engineers — More technical work and coding. It will need to be fully built out on your end.
    • Outsource an agency — The most expensive option, but give you exactly what you want.
    • Integrate Lever with a recruitment marketing platform — Seamless ats integration and give you the abilities of an agency or firm with minimal coding for ease of use. Overlay platforms include Branded Candidate Experience (by Ongig) and Radancy.

    Why I Wrote This

    Ongig integrates with applicant tracking systems like Lever, Taleo, Kenexa Brassring to give employers the best job pages.

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