The job description marketing platform Ongig did a study on video job descriptions in 2014 and found that Video Job Ads Get 487% Pop Over Text Job Ads.

Recently in February 2016, did an article on video recruitment called Press Play on Your Video Recruitment Efforts where they conducted a similar study on video job description engagement and yielded very comparable results.

Fidelity Investments (Position: Equity Research)

They reported that they saw video job description ads yield a “500 percent increase in click-throughs”, “50 percent more applications”, and a “significant improvement in appropriately qualified candidates applying”. Not only did this improve recruiting efforts and efficiency it also allowed them to reduce their media spending by “30 percent”.

Digi-Me reports that video job ads are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results and can improve a candidate’s understanding of a job description by as much as 300 percent.

Not only is video more engaging than text, it allows you to articulate employer brand and work environment easier and more descriptively. In a video job description you are also more likely to hear from a person who currently works at that position, getting better more in-depth insight on that specific position.

If you are thinking about creating a video job description (not a corporate or culture video) but a video more drilled down to the actual position, here are a couple of ideas and examples. There are a lot of corporate videos on job descriptions, but few have specifics about the actual position (usually just written in text).

Goldman Sachs (Position: Securities)

Professional Selection (Recruitment Firm): Seeing Consultant For Client

Galileo Camps (Position: Lead Instructor)


Note: For more data and insight on video job descriptions visit Ongig’s Video Job Description Guide.

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