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In case you missed it, we spent New Year’s Eve tweeting 11 data points we discovered about online recruiting from our platform in 2013. Nothing here is based on opinion, it’s based on the data we’ve pulled directly out of our platform for the previous year.

Cheers to a prosperous 2014, and follow us on Twitter for more nuggets of online recruiting data throughout the year!

1. LinkedIn isn’t sticky with candidates on mobile

2. Facebook is super sticky with candidates on mobile

3. 1 in 10 visitors to your careers site may click apply

4. The most viral job ad on the internet had 472 shares

5. Google SEO may surprise you with application volume

6. Indeed brings you applications with consistency

7. YouTube is a dead end for your recruiting videos

8. Look at HKJobs & Jobstreet for applications in APAC

9. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter should be used uniquely

10. Videos on a job page are increasingly valuable

11. Employer Branding is growing in popularity



Jason Webster

Jason Webster is a social recruiting enthusiast and co-founder of Ongig, a platform that creates shareable, visually-appealing job descriptions. He has spoken at multiple social recruiting events, where his passion for candidate experience is the primary topic. Connect with Jason and Ongig on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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