Here’s What Happened When I Appeared on Recruiting Brainfood (Boom!)

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Do you know about the email newsletter by Hung Lee called Recruiting Brainfood? If you’re into recruiting, you should. Here’s an example of its influence. On 2 recent Recruiting Brainfood newsletters (August 25th and Sept. 1st), Hung Lee linked to Ongig articles I wrote. The traffic and # of leads from Brainfood ranked right up… Read more »

How to Recruit Developers & More with Hung Lee

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If you want to get better at recruiting developers (especially in London!), or master content and marketing, you might check out Hung Lee. I first learned about Hung through Ongig’s Google Analytics — I saw that 500+ people had visited Ongig over just a few hours and that they had come from a recruiting blog… Read more »