Do you know about the email newsletter by Hung Lee called Recruiting Brainfood? If you’re into recruiting, you should.

Here’s an example of its influence.

On 2 recent Recruiting Brainfood newsletters (August 25th and Sept. 1st), Hung Lee linked to Ongig articles I wrote. The traffic and # of leads from Brainfood ranked right up there with the top publications Ongig has appeared in (including Forbes, Fast Company Inc., Mashable, Inc. and the Huffington Post).

Below are marketing funnels for each of the 2 articles showing the power of Recruiting Brainfood:


Funnel 1: Ongig Article that Recruiting Brainfood Linked to = Top Applicant Tracking Systems Leading Employers Migrate To (2019)

First, below, you’ll see how it looks when Hung Lee links to someone in his newsletter (which has about 16,900 subscribers). I’m showing you (below) only the link to the Ongig article I wrote, There were 11 links before it and another 6 article links after it.

Recruiting Brainfood Newsletter Screenshot 1


Now, here’s the funnel. It starts at the top with number of Recruiting Brainfood subscribers, followed by clicks on the Ongig article and, finally,  the # of Ongig demo requests that Brainfood subscribers asked for.


Recruiting Brainfood Funnel 2


Wow: the 725 clicks on the article means that 4.2% of Hung Lee’s subscribers clicked on the article and visited Ongig. That’s extremely high engagement given that this was #12 of 18 article links. It tells me that many of Hung Lee’s subscribers scan every link in the newsletter.


Funnel 2: Ongig Article that Recruiting Brainfood Linked to = How Does Jeff Bezos Score Writing His First Amazon Job Ad?

The week before, on Aug. 25th, Recruiting Brainfood linked to another Ongig article about on Jeff Bezos’s writing abilities. This time the Ongig article was #12 of 19 articles listed.

Recruiting Brainfood Newsletter Screenshot Recruiting Brainfood funnel


A key number that jumps out to me on this second funnel above is the 3 demo requests (of our job description software).  That means that 1.2% (3 divided by 254) of people who clicked on the article link then asked Ongig for a demo.  That’s 30X higher conversion than the .04% we usually see across all channels.


Other Interesting Brainfood Stats

Another # that strikes me about how engaged Recruiting Brainfood’s subscribers is time on page.

“Time on Page” is a key stat to look at to see whether a web page resonates with a reader.

Brainfood subscribers spent an average of 2:39 reading the Top ATS Migration and Jeff Bezos articles. That’s right in line with the 2:26 average time that all readers of Ongig’s blog articles spend reading our stuff.

Translation: Hung Lee picks content that his readers care about. And Recruiting Brainfood subscribers are a thoughtful bunch of recruiting pros happy to click through to well-curated recruiting articles important to them.


Why I wrote this?

I’m an avid reader of Recruiting Brainfood and I believe that Brainfood author Hung Lee is one of the top curators of recruiting industry news in the world. When I find great content/curation out there, I love to give it the proper shout-out. Nice work, Hung lee! Many of Brainfood’s subscribers seem to agree with me — they are link-clicking their butts off!

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