The reason for including hiring manager recruitment videos on your job description is easy.

It helps your job description stand out and gives transparency to the candidate (something all candidates (especially millennials) tell us they value).

Here are a few easy tips for creating hiring manager videos:

1) Make the Video Less than 60 Seconds

Less Than 60 Second Hiring Manager Recruitment Video

Most candidates spend less than a minute watching a video so don’t waste your time making them any longer.

We recommend 30 to 45 seconds.

And the shorter your video the more you can make each frame count!


2) Authentic is Better than Professional

Candidates tell us over and over again that they prefer authentic over commercial.

The easiest way to do this is to leave it up to the hiring manager on what to say. That said, you are still giving them a script, but letting them control what’s in the script.


3) Pick a Hiring Manager Who Really Wants to Do This

Not every hiring manager wants to be on video. A general rule of thumb is that extroverts will enjoy appearing on videos. Introverts won’t.

Recording a Hiring Manager Video

Find an extroverted hiring manager where possible.

In fact, if you’re hiring manager is introverted, you might consider using some other extroverted employee (department head, peer employee, recruiter, etc.) instead of the introverted hiring manager.


4) Provide Standard Questions for the Hiring Manager to Answer

Give your hiring manager a few questions to answer. We recommend at least 2 of the following:

  • What are the top couple of benefits of the job?
    • These are NOT HR-type benefits (401K) but instead the actual bottom line benefits of the job (e.g. 2 key benefits of being a software developer at a large company are: 1) That their code can be put in the hands of hundreds, thousands or millions of users and 2) That they get their hands on the latest technology stack).
  • What are a few typical “day in the life” things they’d do day to day?
  • What’s the goal/mission of the job?
  • What’s the team like that they’re joining?


5) The Hiring Manager Should Practice from their Script

You’ll now have 2 to 4 questions you’ve given the hiring manager along with their 2 to 4 authentic answers. The hiring manager can easily answer 2 or 3 questions in 30 to 45 seconds.

Most hiring managers can read through 45 seconds of script in one take (after they’ve practiced it).


If you want to automate a hiring manager video, please consider Ongig’s video job description solutions. You can request a demo in the upper right corner.

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