Every one of you has a free recruiting ad at your disposal: your LinkedIn profile.

The best candidates are looking for every extra piece of info about your recruiters, managers and company they can get their hands on!

Here are 3 easy ways to treat your LinkedIn profile like a recruiting billboard.

1) Experience Section (Text)

Take a look at employer branding specialist Audra Knight’s profile:

recruiter linkedin profile experience.

Her experience section features conversational, candidate-facing language to persuade candidates to take notice and engage.


2) Experience Section (Video and Pictures)

You can also add videos and images too:

recruiter linkedin profile media

3) Articles & Activities

Use LinkedIn Publisher to create content.

Your article will be front and center on your LinkedIn profile  (note: only your latest LinkedIn Publisher post will be showcased on your profile).

Check out Kerry Noone’s (Director, Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing for CVS Health) profile:

LinkedIn Profile Articles and Activites Section - Recruiting

You’ll see her showcase article and 2 out of 3 of her most recent activities have candidate-facing recruiting content.

A little can go a long way when you optimize your LinkedIn profile. Odds are you already have recruiting content (existing pics from your company or just ideas in your head) — it just needs to be added to your profile.


Nick Misa

Nick Misa

Marketing Specialist at Ongig
Ongig's job description platform that helps you attract the best talent faster. Ongig supercharges your job descriptions through video, images, and other media along with live chat, social sharing, and careers microsite creation. Early clients of Ongig include Yelp, GoDaddy, Verizon Digital and Autodesk.
Nick Misa

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