COVID has accelerated the shift from office to home.

With workplaces closed, working from home has become the new norm.

A look at Google Trends shows that the keyword “work from home jobs” is being searched more than it ever has in the past month:


work from home jobs search volume

To keep up with the fast-changing times it’s a good idea to think about your strategy for attracting work from home candidates.

A good starting point is to set up a work from home recruiting microsite.

What are Recruiting Microsites?

A while back I published Recruiting Microsites: The Definitive Guide and described it like this:

recruiting microsite definition


With that in mind, check out these 5 employers who get it!

5 Examples of Engaging Top Work From Home Microsites



sykes work from home recruiting microsite




Hilton work from home recruiting microsite



Working Solutions

working solutions work from home microsite




concentrix work from home microsite




enterprise work from home recruiting microsite

Why I wrote this

Ongig’s Career Site Builder gives employers the ability to create custom recruiting microsites to attract specific candidates. Some of our clients are are using Ongig to build work from home microsites right now because their offices are still closed due to COVID.

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