What are the best leader titles when recruiting for management-level roles? Using our Job Titles: The Definitive Guide, I pulled together a list (by C-level/VP/Director/Manager) to help you pick the best for your biz…and I included brands that use them from different industries.

These are the most-searched-for leader titles by candidates on Google (source: ahrefs). Use the table of contents below to easily navigate the list:

Note: Some of the “manager” leadership titles might not actually manage people, but I listed them anyway because they do “lead” something—for example, Customer Success Manager and Manager of Social Media.

IT Leader Titles

Here’s a list of leader titles for IT, engineering, and software development:

IT executive leadership titles

  • (CIO) Chief Information Officer (Verizon)
  • (CTO) Chief Technology Officer (Instacart)
  • Chief Engineer (Lockheed Martin)
  • Engineering Executive (Yahoo!)
  • Chief Engineering Officer (Salesforce)

IT VP titles

  • VP of Information Technology (PG&E)
  • Vice President of Information Systems (Prudential)
  • VP of Engineering (Samsara)
  • VP of Software Engineering (Target)
  • Vice President of Engineering (Salesforce)

IT director level job titles

  • Director of Engineering (Cisco)
  • Director of Software Development (Ancestry)
  • Director of IT (HP)
  • Director of Systems Engineering (Cisco)
  • Director of Information Systems (Apple)

IT manager job titles

  • IT Manager (Lever)
  • Manager of Quality Assurance (Williams-Sonoma)
  • Help Desk Manager (Sandisk)
  • Data Center Manager (AT&T)
  • Engineering Program Manager (Apple)
  • Manager of Information Systems (Bosch)
  • Engineering Manager (Robinhood)
  • Software Development Manager (Amazon)
  • Software Engineering Manager (Workday)
  • Data Manager (UPS)

Cybersecurity Leader Titles

These are titles of leadership for cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity c-suite job titles

  • Chief Information Security Officer (Girl Scouts of America)
  • Chief Security Officer (Unilever)
  • Head of Cyber Security (Microsoft)
  • President Cybersecurity (JPMorgan Chase)

Cybersecurity VP job titles

  • VP Cybersecurity (Fidelity Investments)
  • Security Executive (Stanford Health)
  • Cyber Security Executive (IBM)

Cybersecurity director level job titles

  • Information Security Director (Walmart)
  • Cyber Security Lead Director (Huawei Technologies)
  • Director of Information Security (CSL Behring)
  • Cybersecurity Director (AT&T)

Cybersecurity manager job titles

  • Information Security Manager (Apple)
  • Cybersecurity Manager (EY)

Marketing & Social Media Leader Titles

Here’s a list of leadership titles in business for marketing and social media:

Marketing executive leadership titles

  • Chief Marketing Officer (Nest)
  • Head of Marketing (Facebook)

Marketing VP titles

  • Vice President of Marketing (Amazon)
  • VP of Online Marketing (Microsoft)
  • Vice President of Branding (SWAROVSKI)
  • VP of Product Marketing (Minted)

Marketing director level job titles

  • Director of Marketing (Dolby Laboratories)
  • Director of Advertising (Disney)
  • Digital Marketing Director (Rentokil)
  • Social Media Director (Facebook)
  • Director of Product Marketing (LinkedIn)

Marketing manager job titles

  • Marketing Manager (Slack)
  • Manager of Social Media (Adobe)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (Google)
  • Content Marketing Manager (Logitech)

Communications Leader Titles

These are the most-searched types of leader titles for communications and public relations:

Communications executive leadership titles

  • Chief Communications Officer (Bacardi)
  • Corporate Communications Officer (Isuzu)
  • Head of PR (Adidas)
  • Head of Communications and Public Relations (Canva)
  • Head of Communications & Public Policy (Santander Bank)
  • (PRO) Public Relations Officer (Google)

Communications VP titles

  • Vice President of Communications (Pandora)
  • VP Corporate Communications (Red Hat)
  • VP of PR (Weight Watchers)
  • VP Corporate Affairs (HP)
  • VP Marketing Communications (Dole Food Company)

Communications director level job titles

  • Director of Communications (Gap, Inc.)
  • Marketing Communications Director (ADP)
  • Director of Global PR (Benefit Cosmetics)
  • Director of Corporate Communications (LinkedIn)
  • Public Relations Director (Louis Vuitton)
  • Director of External Communications (Honeywell)
  • Director of Internal Communications (Airbnb)

Communications manager job titles

  • Communications Manager (Instacart)
  • Marketing Communications Manager (Evernote)
  • PR Manager (Oracle)
  • PR & Events Manager (Campari)
  • Senior PR Manager (SAP)
  • Media Relations Manager (United Airlines)

Design Leader Titles

This is a leadership job titles list for design:

Design c-suite job titles

  • Chief Creative Officer (Fidelity Investments)
  • Head of Creative (YouTube)
  • Head of Design (LendingClub)

Design VP titles

  • Vice President of Design (Disney)
  • Creative Executive (Warner Brothers)
  • VP Creative (Lyft)
  • Vice President of Creative (Ralph Lauren)

Design director level job titles

  • Art Director (Visa)
  • Creative Director (Upwork)
  • Design Director (Netflix)
  • Director of Creative Operations (Pandora)

Design manager job titles

  • Design Manager (Airbnb)
  • Art Production Manager (Michaels)
  • Creative Lead (Google)
  • Senior Design Manager (Capital One)
  • Visual Identity Manager (Miami HEAT)

Human Resources Leader Titles

Here are some leadership position titles for HR:

HR c-suite job titles

  • (CHRO) Chief Human Resources Officer (YMCA)
  • Chief People Officer (Atlassian)
  • Head of People (Coinbase)
  • Head of HR (Disney)

HR VP titles

  • Vice President of Human Resources (Levi Strauss & Co)
  • Vice President of Talent Acquisition (Audible)
  • Vice President of Talent Management (ASPCA)

HR director level job titles

  • Director of HR (Google)
  • Director of Talent Acquisition (SEPHORA)
  • Payroll Director (USAA)
  • Director of Compensation (Yahoo!)
  • Director of Employer Brand (Mastercard)

HR manager job titles

  • HR Manager (Google)
  • Training Manager (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Benefits Manager (Uber)
  • HRIS Manager (Zendesk)
  • Payroll Manager (SurveyMonkey)

Diversity Leader Titles

These are the most-searched leadership titles for diversity and inclusion:

Diversity executive leadership titles

  • Chief Diversity Officer (Yelp)
  • Chief D&I Officer (Shell)
  • Chief Culture Officer (Procore)
  • Chief Equality Officer (Salesforce)
  • Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (Amtrak)

Diversity VP titles

  • Vice President of Diversity (Morgan Stanley)
  • VP of D&I (panera Bread)
  • VP of Culture (Skanska)
  • VP of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (Capital One)

Diversity director level job titles

  • Diversity & Inclusion Director (Dell)
  • Director of D&I (BP)
  • Director of Supplier Diversity (Hilton)
  • Director of Culture (HubSpot)

Diversity manager job titles

  • Diversity Manager (Google)
  • Diversity Program Manager (Microsoft)
  • Equality Manager (UK Ministry of Justice)
  • Supplier Diversity Manager (VMware)
  • D&I Manager (JPMorgan Chase)

Customer Service Leader Titles

Here’s a list of leader titles for customer service, it includes call center titles:

Customer service c-suite job titles

  • (CCO) Chief Customer Officer (Wrike)
  • (CXO) Chief Experience Officer (Utah Jazz)
  • Chief Client Officer (Starcom)
  • Chief Customer Service Officer (Mutual of Omaha)
  • Head of Call Center Operations (Amazon)
  • Chief Support Officer (Yum! Brands)

Customer service VP titles

  • Vice President of Customer Service (Sunbasket)
  • VP Customer Experience (Verizon)
  • VP Client Services (Epsilon)
  • SVP Global Customer Service (PayPal)
  • Call Center VP (PNC)
  • Contact Center Vice President (Wells Fargo)
  • Vice President Call Center Operations (Comcast)

Customer service director level job titles

  • Director of Customer Service (Monster)
  • Customer Experience Director (Hertz)
  • Director of Client Services (Citigroup)
  • Call Center Director (AT&T)
  • Call Center Lead (Frontier Communications)
  • Contact Centre Team Leader (MSC Cruises)
  • Director of Call Center Operations (Planet Hollywood)

Customer service manager job titles

  • (CSM) Customer Service Manager (Hyatt)
  • Customer Success Manager (Cloudflare)
  • Call Center Supervisor (Conduent)
  • Client Services Manager (Yelp)
  • Contact Center Manager (Wells Fargo)
  • Call Center Operations Manager (Boeing)

Operations Leader Titles

Here’s a list of leader titles for operations that includes administrative and warehouse titles too:

Operations c-suite job titles

  • (COO) Chief Operating Officer (Galileo Learning)
  • Chief Operations Officer (Netgear)
  • President & COO (Apollo)
  • Chief Administrative Officer (RingCentral)
  • Chief Business Officer (Tile)
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer (GNC)
  • Chief Logistics Officer (VA Medical Center)
  • Head of Warehouse Operations (Truepill)

Operations VP titles

  • Vice President of Operations (wikiHow.com)
  • SVP Operations (Lendio)
  • Vice President of Administration (Yale)
  • Chief of Staff (VMware)
  • Vice President of Warehouse Operations (Shoes.com)

Operations director level job titles

  • Director of Operations (Eventbrite)
  • Business Operations Director (Banana Republic)
  • Operations Director (Charles Schwab)
  • Director of Administration (Stanford)
  • Administrative Services Director (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Director of Warehouse Operations (Coca-Cola)
  • Warehouse Director (Ace Hardware)

Operations manager job titles

  • Operations Manager (Best Buy)
  • Operations Supervisor (DHL)
  • Business Operations Manager (Square)
  • Administrative Manager (AMC Theatres)
  • Business Support Manager (Bank Of America)
  • Administrative Services Manager (Facebook)
  • Warehouse Manager (Lime)
  • Warehouse Supervisor (Valspar)

Product Management Leader Titles

These are the most-searched leadership titles for product management:

Product management executive leadership titles

  • Chief Product Officer (thredUP)
  • Head of Product Management (Sentry)
  • Head of Product (Walmart)

Product management VP titles

  • Vice President of Product Management (Google)
  • VP of Product Design (SurveyMonkey)
  • VP Product (KeepTruckin)
  • Vice President of Product Development (Oracle)

Product management director level job titles

  • Director of Product Management (Netflix)
  • Product Design Director (Twitter)
  • Director of Product Development (West Elm)
  • Product Design and Development Director (Fossil)

Product management manager job titles

  • Product Manager (Google)
  • Lead Product Manager (Stitch Fix)
  • Product Design Manager (Workday)
  • Senior Product Development Manager (Walmart)

Accounting & Finance Leader Titles

Here’s a list of leader titles for accounting and finance:

Accounting & finance c-suite job titles

  • Chief Accounting Officer (Square)
  • Chief Financial Officer (HPE)

Accounting & finance VP titles

  • Vice President of Accounting and Finance (DraftKings)
  • VP of Finance (Houzz)
  • VP of Accounting (Estee Lauder)
  • VP of Procurement (Bank of America)

Accounting & finance director level job titles

  • Accounting Director (General Motors)
  • Finance Director (Oracle)
  • Controller (Evernote)
  • Financial Controller (Google)
  • Comptroller (Toyota)
  • Procurement Director (AT&T)

Accounting & finance manager job titles

  • Accounting Manager (Intercom)
  • Accounting Supervisor (Jackson Family Wines)
  • AP Manager (First Republic Bank)
  • Purchasing Manager (CarMax)
  • AR Manager (Logitech)

Legal Leader Titles

These are the most-searched leadership job titles for legal:

Legal executive leadership titles

  • (CLO) Chief Legal Officer (Wells Fargo)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (Bill.com)
  • Chief IP Counsel (American Express)
  • Head of Legal (DoorDash)

Legal VP titles

  • Vice President of Legal Affairs (T-Mobile)
  • General Counsel (Facebook)
  • Compliance Counsel (Google)
  • Legal Executive (Macy’s)

Legal director level job titles

  • Legal Director (LinkedIn)
  • Director of Legal Affairs (CNBC)
  • Legal Services Director (Freddie Mac)
  • Regulatory Affairs Director (AstraZeneca)

Legal manager job titles

  • Legal Manager (Chevron)
  • Compliance Manager (Goldman Sachs)
  • Senior Manager Legal Operations (Indeed)

Facilities Leader Titles

Facilities c-suite job titles

  • Chief Facilities Officer (NBA)
  • Chief of Facilities (National Park Service)
  • Global Head of Workplace (Uber)
  • Chief Facilities Management Officer (The Salvation Army)

Facilities VP titles

  • Vice President of Facilities (Atlantis)
  • Facilities Management Executive (Veterans Affairs)
  • VP of Global Facilities (Uber)
  • VP of Global Workplace (Veeva Systems)

Facilities director level job titles

  • Facilities Director (Aramark)
  • Director of Safety and Security (Hyatt Hotels)
  • Director of Maintenance (Amerijet)
  • Workplace Director (Accenture)

Facilities manager job titles

  • Facilities Manager (Walmart)
  • Building Manager (John Deere)
  • Manager of Workplace Health & Safety (Amazon)
  • Global Workplace Manager (Jazz Pharmaceuticals)

Funny leader titles

Here 25 funny and cool leader titles we found that might give you a laugh:

  • Champion of Office Happiness (HR Director)
  • Chief Cheerleader (CEO)
  • Chief Geek (CTO)
  • Chief Happiness Officer (Head of HR)
  • Chief Happiness Slayer (Any executive)
  • Chief Heart Officer (HR Manager)
  • Chief Inspiration Officer (Head of Operations)
  • Chief People Pleaser (Head of HR)
  • Chief Rockstar (COO)
  • Chief Troublemaker (CEO)
  • COO: “Chief of Other” Stuff No One Wants to Take Care Of) (COO)
  • COO: Chief Obedience Officer (COO)
  • Creator of Opportunities (Senior VP of Business Development)
  • Culture Operations Manager (HR Officer)
  • Digital Dynamo (Digital Marketing Executive)
  • Director of Fun (Director of Marketing)
  • Director of Storytelling (Copywriter/Marketing Director-type position)
  • Dr. No (CFO)
  • Head Cheese (CEO)
  • Head of Customer Wow (Head of Customer Service)
  • Head of Growth (Head of Customer Acquisition)
  • Head of Schmoozing (VP of Business Development)
  • Paranoid-in-Chief (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • VP of ABC (“Always Be Closing”) (VP of Sales Team)
  • Wizard of Light Bulb Moments (Marketing Director)

For more cool leader titles or funny job titles for other positions, check out our blog 100+ Creative & Funny Job Titles [by Department & Position].

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