Job postings are getting competitive. Companies are investing more in them and it shows.

Here are 5 creative job posting ideas to help attract and engage candidates.

Creative Job Posting Idea #1: Comparably Widget

Recruiting widgets showcase ratings and reviews from employees in a clear, creative way. They are low maintenance and take little time to implement.

The only challenge is finding a widget that is credible with good data.

That’s why we recommend the Comparably widget which lets you show off culture, compensation and other benefits candidates care about.

Creative Job Posting Idea #2: A Day In The Life

AT&T’s job pages are expansive. If we took a screenshot of the whole job page it would span this whole post.

They create awesome content and present it in an impressive way.

One section of their job posting is “A Day In The Life”. They cover a very well-written daily agenda:

AT&T job posting

Creative Job Posting Idea #3: Employee Stories

Employee-based content is important. Especially on job pages.

DHL features employee stories on their job postings.

And don’t worry about candidates clicking “read story” and leaving the job posting — it’s just a pop-up

Also notice the 2-column layout. These are great because they give you more room to add recruiting content.

DHL job posting

Creative Job Posting Idea #4: Success Profile

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of content it is. If it’s presented in a creative way, it’ll catch some eyes

Boeing makes their success profile hard to overlook because it has it’s own section and includes lots of colors and a visual.

Odds are if six characteristics/traits were in a bulleted list in the middle of job description they would get overlooked.

Boeing job posting

Creative Job Posting Idea #5: Downloadable Company Handbook

Candidates crave transparency.

Anixter makes their Blue Book (a company handbook with an emphasis on Anixter’s values) accessible though their job postings (see below).

The cool thing? Candidates don’t even have to download or view it — just showing that you stand for something and being different is going to stand out to candidates.

Anixter job posting

Why I wrote this

Ongig aims to give employers the resources to create the best job postings.

Ongig’s Company Career Site Builder lets employers add creative job posting ideas like those listed above.

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