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Your company has spent thousands of dollars building an awesome careers site. The result being a beautiful front page featuring videos, pictures, social streams, and employee testimonials. The catch is that this is not the first impression for the majority of your candidates.

Over 50% of candidates will come to your careers site from job aggregators like Glassdoor and Indeed (LinkedIn and Monster also¬†announced they’re now aggregating jobs). As a result, thousands of candidates are led directly to your Taleo job descriptions, bypassing the front page of your new careers site.

Companies are choosing a visual and interactive first impression to maximize this opportunity. All while using Taleo on the back-end.


Ongig’s Candidate Experience platform makes it easy:


1. An “out-of-the box” solution. Nothing to set up and no IT required.

2. Automatically personalize every job description with media by location and/or job category.

3. Easily track page views and application conversion rates by traffic source.


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