Hiring multiple candidates for the same position in different locations?

Why not use an evergreen job description like Oscar Mayer.

They create a complete experience for candidates to be a “Spokesperson – Hotdogger” (riding around in their famous Wienermobile).

They created a Weinermobile microsite.

This microsite focuses solely on their Wienermobile, including:

  • “Looking for the Wienermobile” section — Calls-to-action: Finding the closest Wienermobile or requesting a visit.
  • “Social Media” section — Call-to-action: Follow @oscarmayer Instagram account.
  • “Did You Know” section — Filled with fun facts, no call-to-action.
  • “Hotdoggers Wanted” section — Call-to-action: Apply Now
Oscarmayer wienermobile microsite

Note: View full microsite here.

Clicking “Apply Now” sends you to Oscarmayer’s evergreen Wienermobile job description.

Oscarmayer weinermobile job ad

The result: 7,000 people applied and 12 people got accepted. source: NY Times.

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Why I wrote this

Ongig is focused on creating the most effective job ads for employers. Evergreen job ads and microsites are a great way to engage candidates.

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