Companies use a wide spectrum of job description designs and layouts.

Looking for a more modern job description design template to implement?

Check out these 5 modern-looking job descriptions that clean, sharp, and crisp. And, for tips on writing job descriptions, check out How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples.


  • Feature Image: Smiling employees always work!
  • 2 options for candidates up top:
    • Apply Now: The only navy blue button on the page, this makes it stand out more.
    • Connect Now (Talent Community Opt-in): Clicks through to a nice landing page for candidates to enter their info.
  • Abbreviated Job Description: Gives the page a cleaner look, simply click “read more about this job” to see the full job specifications.
  • “This Is What ADP Looks Like” Section: I think every job description page should have a section for employer branding content. Give candidates an authentic look at fun employees have working for you everyday.
  • Employee Testimonial and Video: A great way to finish a job description without having to do much copy writing.
adp job description

Travelers Insurance

  • Page is branded with company colors throughout. Apply buttons are their signature red.
  • Abbreviated job description: Same as ADP’s above except Travelers uses a scrollable iframe.
  • Employer Brand Content
    • Video: Focused on all jobs and department. A great intro video for candidates evaluating Travelers.
    • Employer of Choice Awards: One of the best types of social proof you can show to candidates.
travelers insurance job description

MGM Grand

  • Great Branding: MGM gold with a lion like the one in their logo.
  • Nice Headline: You don’t see too many headlines on job descriptions (it’s usually the job title), so it’s refreshing to see one that is bold and stands out.
  • “Understand Our Culture”: Located midway down the right hand rail. It’s great to give candidates a statement about you culture, even if it’s just a sentence or two.
  • Explore Location: Pops up a Google Map to pinpoint exactly where the job is.
  • Employer Branding Video: Highlights what it’s like to work in the MGM Grand, the environment, night life, casino, etc.
mgm resorts job description

Land O’Lakes

  • Feature Image: We usually see employees in the feature image. Land O’ Lakes switches it up and focuses on branding.
  • Job Title: Very noticeable and stands out with white font on orange background.
  • “About Land O’Lakes” Right Hand Rail Section: One of the coolest “about” sections I’ve seen and use the space efficiently.
    • They highlight 3 key aspects candidates want to hear about: Workplace, Benefits, Culture
    • Diversity and Inclusion video. Every employer should to have D&I content on their job descriptions.
  • Brands: Located at the bottom of the page you’ll notice the 4 brands of Land O’Lakes. Showing these to candidates can have an impact because they could be loyal customers of your brand.
land o lakes job description


  • Career-Focused Header Navigation Bar: Notice how all of the links on the header nav bar are career-related. For the most part companies use the same header bar as their corporate which doesn’t do anything for candidates. You want candidates to really dig in and explore the recruiting content on your careers site. This helps them do that.
  • Headline: An awesome values-driven headline and sub headline to start the job description.
  • Job Search Function on Every Job Description: Makes it easier to navigate and search for jobs. No “broken back buttons” or confusion on where to search for jobs.
  • Benefit, Culture, Requirements: Clicking these 3 options auto-scrolls to the specific section. It acts as a mini table of contents for the job description.
  • “Our Culture Section”: It’s short and sweet, perfect length for content supplementing the job description.
usaa job description

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