There’s one thing that every growing employer has in common: job descriptions.

And they have lots of problems/projects related to job descriptions.

Talent acquisition leaders ask me/Ongig for help:

  • adding video and pics to their job descriptions;
  • adding recruiting widgets (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google Maps, etc.) to their job descriptions;
  • rewriting their JDs to be more outward-facing;

Diversity leaders ask me/Ongig to help make their JDs more:

  • appealing to women;
  • attractive to under-represented ethnicities;
  • inclusive;

HR/payroll folks ask me/Ongig to make their job descriptions:

  • searchable in a centralized library;
  • easier to write through templates;
  • speedier to post (e.g. better workflow to speed up the time from Req to Post).

With so many employers needing help with the same topic: job descriptions…is it time that there be a person in charge of the almighty JD!?

Afterall, where else in business is there such a ubiquitous topic/problem without a person whose title has that topic in it?

Just about every other need/topic in HR seems to have a title for it: talent acquisition, recruiters, sourcers, employer branding/talent branding, recruitment marketing, talent management, diversity , HRIS, payroll, benefits, total rewards, etc.

Is now the time you name someone:

  • Chief Job Description Officer
  • VP of Job Descriptions
  • Director of Job Descriptions
  • …or at least Program Manager, Job Descriptions?

Why not!?

Food for thought.

What do you think?


For tips on writing job descriptions, check out How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples.

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