If you look at the best job descriptions (below) you’ll notice a pattern. Most have:

  • Multi-Column Format — Easier to read. That’s why most magazines and newspapers use them!
  • Good Employer Branding — Consistent color, font and perhaps even corporate messaging (especially helpful if a candidate comes from a job board and hasn’t seen the rest of your career site yet!)
  • Extra relevant Content (beyond the job description text) — Do you really want to bet the farm on just your JD text?
  • Proven apply rate boosters (such as highlighting your benefits)
  • Clear call-to-actions — This is an ad — make clear what you want the candidate to do!

Here are the 10 best job descriptions we’ve seen lately in no particular order. All are awesome. Enjoy!

1) Commission Junction

  • A gallery of hero media pics (great employer branding!)
  • Dual-column format — easier to read
  • An About Team text blurb
  • A Walkscore showing how walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly the job is
CJ job description

2) Babbel

  • Powerful hero media
  • Headline over the hero media is slick
  • Dual-column format is easier to read than single-column
  • A bulleted list of benefits and why to work there in the right-hand rail (benefits increase apply rates)
Babbel job description

3) Lindt

  • Consistent Employment Branding — Notice the beige background and different shades of their caramel brown? They put some marketing/branding time into these job pages.
  • A “Why”-oriented headline
  • Right-hand rail with extra relevant content
Lindt job description

4) ThyssenKrupp

  • Hero Media with a headline
  • 3-Column format — sometimes 3 columns can be even easier to read than 2.
  • A list of benefits at the bottom (with icons). Benefits increase apply rates so it’s usually worth stylizing if you can.
    ThyssenKrupp job description

5) Fiserv

  • Bold employer branding (color, fonts et al)
  • Solid hero media
  • A “find your forward” headline just for job opportunities
  • The call-to-action (Apply button) pops
  • Other relevant content (location, links to culture articles and a candidate resource center)
Fiserv job description

6) Zillow

  • Location-based Content — Check out the image. It’s a San Francisco pic for a San Francisco job.
  • Relevant Blog Content — A link to content that the candidate might be interested in.
  • Benefits — They stylize their benefits. A refreshing alternative compared to just listing out bullets in text.
  • A “Picture Yourself Here” type video
Zillow job description

7) Macy’s

  • Video as hero media
  • Dual- Column — more readable
  • Team-specific intro text

8) Jazz Pharmaceuticals

  • Hero media
  • Consistent color scheme on call-to-action buttons (Apply and email job alert).
  • Dual-column with relevant content (video blog, related jobs, email job alert, talent community) in the right-hand
Jazz Pharma job description

9) Waste Management

  • Strong hero media
  • Dual-column format for better readability
  • Valuable content in right-hand rail (email job alert, diversity article, corporate video, etc.)
Waste Management job description

10) Citizens Bank

  • Employment Brand — Consistent use of color
  • Dual-Column — Job pages, like most pages, are easier to read with 2 or more columns.
  • Related Jobs
Citizens Bank job description

For some tips on writing job descriptions, check out How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples.

Why I wrote this?

I wrote this because my team and I at Ongig are on a mission to give you the best job descriptions in the world. And we want you to get inspired! Ping us if you’d like to transform YOUR job descriptions.

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