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We all know job descriptions are important. 77.3% of candidates say that JD’s are the most useful content regarding employment with your company (source: Candidate Experience Awards Survey 2014).

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Ongig often shares stories of our own clients’ modern job descriptions created through the Ongig Employer Branding SaaS.

But there are many other excellent job descriptions out there — including ones created through everyday applicant tracking systems like Taleo and Jobvite — and we wanted to highlight a handful below.

As you review the JD’s below, you’ll notice a few key themes that we believe help make them above-average in their effectiveness:

  • Branding — The employer’s brand, including logo and color scheme, is prominently displayed. Surprisingly, many job descriptions out there do now show an employer’s brand (some feature the ATS more than the employer!).
  • Visuals — Employers leverage video, photos and other visuals to stand out (they don’t rely on just text!).
  • People — Team members are often featured which helps answer a top question candidates have: “Who would I be working with?” This also helps build social proof.


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