Job ads on job posting sites (aka job boards) are starting to look a lot better.

Job posting sites are broadening the range of content you can add to job ads including:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Branding
  • Job Posting Design

Here are 5 job posting sites that give you the best ability to create awesome looking job postings:


Built In SF

A niche job posting site for San Francisco Bay Area startup and tech jobs.

Their job postings feature:

  • An expandable job description section that allows you to add more content without having a forever-scrolling page.
  • Job location info including a Google map and a short blurb about the actual neighborhood.
  • A cool ‘Inside The Office” video
  • Culture and Benefits info
built in sf job posting site



The Muse

A “content-rich” job posting site open to all companies and positions.

Their job postings feature:

  •  A nice feature image of employees
  • Benefits section
  • A “Meet our employees” section at the bottom with a video for each. I haven’t seen this on any other job board.




An Australian job board for all jobs and professions.

  • Engaging collage-style feature image with branding.
  • Pink “apply” stands out because it’s the only pink element on the page.
  • Common salary information in the right-hand rail should help engage candidates. Pay is one of the top things candidates want to know more about.
Seek job posting site




This is the biggest job posting site on this list and continues to stay ahead of the trend when it comes to job postings.

Their job postings feature:

  • A nice hero image that helps make the job posting look better.
  • Good branding with a prominent company logo. I don’t see company branding emphasized as much as it should be on job search sites.
  • Map of job location brings more context to the job. Candidates want to know where they’ll be working.
  • Recruiting video located in the right-hand rail. I think it would look better and get more engagement is the video was placed where the feature image is.
Careerbuilder job search site job posting




A job board exclusively for women that also offers advice and company reviews based on a woman’s perspective.

  • Great, diverse feature image with employees from different departments.
  • Full page dedicated to the job posting. A lot of job boards have small i-framed job postings that don’t look as good.
Fairygodboss job search site job posting



Why I wrote this

Job search sites (aka job boards) are important for employers because they generate traffic, visibility, and applies.

Ongig partners with job boards so clients can seamlessly market their jobs on job posting sites.

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