LinkedIn says they are on their way to having 50% of their traffic being mobile.

This trend cannot be ignored if you spend time, money, and/or resources on:

1. LinkedIn Recruiter — Jobs advertised through InMail, postings, and sharing

2. Job Wrapping — Automatically posting multiple jobs from your ATS to LinkedIn

3. Job Postings — One-time paid advertisement for a single job

4. Job Sharing — You and your team sharing specific job ads across your news feeds to solicit referrals

You need to pay close attention to how the job ads you’ve invested in look to candidates. That’s why we’ve created the LinkedIn Mobile Job Ad Rankings. The rankings are based on the following criteria:

1. Branding — Is the company logo easy to see and recognize?

2. Media — Is a video or image present to tell the employer brand story?

3. Mobile — Is the page built with responsive design making it easy to read on mobile?

4. Call-to-action — Is it clear and easy for candidates to take desired actions?

5. Appeal — Does it attract attention, and make candidates want to learn more?

Let’s take a look:

Ongig is the first ever Employer Branding SaaS — it allows enterprises to create, distribute and measure interactive job descriptions at scale. American Express, Autodesk, Intel and Yelp are among the early users of the Ongig SaaS.

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