We spotted this job ad below on Craigslist recently — CarMax is standing out here by using its Fortune Employer of Choice award as its hero media alongside a visual map.

For the candidate, this job ad pops versus others that lack visuals — so you’ll get their attention for a few more valuable seconds (and, of course, the employer of choice award acts as social proof).

We’re going to keep beating this drum:

“All job ads will have visuals like this within the next 2 to 3 years”

And if your job ads do not have them now you are already falling behind.

carmax-job-ad-on-craigslist-with-map-and-employer-of-choice-and map media



Note: Check out The Comprehensive List of Employer of Choice Awards for awards you can get for yourself. 

If you want to leverage employer of choice award graphics, maps, video, pictures, ratings and reviews, chat or other job widgets on your job ads, just ping me at rob@ongig.com and my team and I will be happy to show you how easy it is to add these to all your job pages through Ongig’s drag and drop mobile video recruiting platform.

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